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    I'm a WWII historian interested in information about the King's Royal Rifles Company (KRRC)'s exploits in Italy. Specifically, the KRRC's 2nd Battalion and an American serving in the KRRC named Lt. Stewart Alsop. Alsop and certain elements of the 2nd Battalion served on Montgomery's front line in eastern Italy in the fall of '43. Would love to know more about their exact engagements. Many thanks for your consideration.
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    A link to the war diary held at The National Archives, Kew for the battalion in 1943.
    Reference: WO 169/10248
    Description: 2 King's Royal Rifle Corps
    Date: 1943 July-Dec

    Some members might have a copy / might be willing to post extracts. Others here might be willing to get a copy for a reasonable fee, if you are interested.
    Serving officers should be listed on weekly Field Returns, mentioned in daily entries, etc.
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    I'm off to Kew in a few weeks. Contact me if you want me to copy the months you are interested in.

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