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    Doing some family research I have found reference to a relation who died in Burma - 22 Jan 1945, details via CWGC are as below:


    Service No:
    Date of Death:
    Royal Warwickshire Regiment

    attd. 2nd Bn. Royal Berkshire Regiment
    Grave Reference
    Coll. grave 26. D. 9-11.
    Additional Information:
    Son of George Edward and Edith A. Hextall; husband of Phyllis Ethel Hextall, of Worcester.

    Any further information would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks in advance
  2. Owen

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    2nd Royal Berkshire

    Kabwet, Burma

    Positions remained unchanged. A Coy sent out patrols at first light to try and find missing personnel from previous day. Lieut W.L. Mildenhall leading one patrol did not return. Air strike on enemy positions at 1300 hrs on bunkers at (1) Track 695209 (2) Pagoda 690208 (3) 15 r 686207. Appreciated that enemy in some strength on ridge and on reverse slopes at 15 r and that considerable softening-up required before attack could be contemplated. 'A' Coy came into Bn HQ locality at KOKTET for the night. Casualties - Killed - 1 Officer (Lieut G.A. Hextall) Wounded - 2 O.Rs (one of whom later died). Missing believed killed - 1 Offr (Lieut W.L. Mildenhall). Reference to Appendice: None.
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  3. Owen

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    Lieut. Hextall is not mentioned by name in 'Slim's Burma Boys', but the action around Kabwet is, so this book may be of interest.
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    Guys - thanks. The service is fantastic on this forum.

    Owen - I will email the contact given - is it a personal email address or something else (an association or similar) just so I know how to word the email - thanks again.


    I have sent them a PM, instead of an email - should work?
  6. Owen

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    It's Tony's own email.
    Don't PM him he's not around enough to read it.
    Emails direct to him work.
  7. Tricky Dicky

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    Owen - understood and thanks again

  8. Kenneth Berry

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    Hi TD, Well i'm at least 24 hours late. Had a great email to send last night about 9-45pm. Never noticed max. number of words allowed. Saw it when i pressed send key. Think it was 430 characters, did a quick quantity survey. Must have been about 1900. Tried copy & paste, got them partly on a variety of Country's.So will start as now:-
    Edmund Kenneth Buck born Apr Qutr 1914 West Derby Liverpool.
    Vilma Dolores Squires born Oct Qutr 1929 Willesden Buckinghamshire.

    Edmund Kenneth Buck marriage July Qutr 1959 Westminster Middlesex
    Vilma Dolores Woodhouse (nee Squires) July Qutr 1959 Westminster Middlesex

    Francisco J F Buck born Apr Qutr 1965 Hendon Greater London Middlesex

    Will continue on next email Best Regards Ken B
  9. Kenneth Berry

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    Hi TD, Hope you got the 1st email OK Tell me on this hurdy gurdy i have sent it PM:-

    England Wales National Probate 1978
    Buck,Edmund Kennethof 2, South Croxted Road, London SE21 died 10th November 1977
    administered London 7th July 1978 428 Pound 78020763

    England Wales National Probate
    Edmund Kenneth Buck born 1914 died Dec.1977 aged 63 Lambeth Greater London

    Vilma Dolores Brown-buck, born 12th August 1929, died Jan Qutr 1979 Honiton Devon
    Vilma Dolores B Buck born 12th Aug 1929, died Jan Qutr 1979 Honiton Devon
    Vilma Dolores Buck born 12th August 1929, died Jan Qutr 1979 Honiton Devon
    All the Birth Marriage and Death Documents are obtained from Ancestry UK. A guy from Ancestry could only tell me that the 3 death Documents for Vilma Dolores Buck were probably her request. Uncle Ken's father was killed in WW1. Chester Regiment his name was Edmund Brown Buck. I think i mentioned to you that i had a few odd phone calls many years go. I think they were all the same guy, but tried to disquise his voice wanting to know about my Uncle Ken. There was nothing I could really tell him..He appeared to be rather slow with answers. I did find his email address on my Heritage by sheer luck. Sent a couple of emails and also to My Heritage. But no replies. Thanks Again tD Best Regards Ken B
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    Not sure how you can send me an email when you dont have my email address?? - confused

    I have received nothing by PM/Conversation either ??


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