Lt/Col Ivan Henry HEDDERWICK commanding 4th Btn 1st George V's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Malaun Reg

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    Can anyone give me any information regarding the death of this officer?

    His details are

    Lt Col Ivan Henry HEDDERWICK No A1/840 commanding 4th Btn 1st George V's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Malaun Regt) buried Kohima War Cemetery died 7th May 1944
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    Great link Dave. Apart from the one posted, I picked up about 4 other titles for many a different interest of mine. The only thing missing was the History of the 2nd GR.

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    Great link, thank you very much Dave. Also found official history of 8th Gurkha Rifles there.

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    Please note: his first name is Ivar, not Ivan.
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    Parents married 1916 St. Giles district Edinburgh, but mothers maiden name was Littlejohn, not Harvey, though Harvey is recorded when she died in Auchterarder age 95 in 1972.

    The father Harold James died in Dunbartonshire 1957, born 1878.

    Ivar was born 1916 in Hillhead district and in the same district in 1921 a sister was born, Rachel Antionet Hedderwick. I can't see a marriage for her, she died age 87 in 2008 in Haddington (mother's maiden name Littlejohn).

    From the 1935 property Valuation Rolls mother Dorothy is listed as the proprietor of Eyre House, Kilcreggan, Dunbartonshire.

    Ivar's death was not recorded in the Scottish death register in the Minor Records section and there was no Will filed. - Maria

    Edit: PDF attached re Littlejohn history. His death is also announced 12/10/44 in The Scotsman newspaper.

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    Thanks one and all for this information and for the photo of the headstone with a very poignant epithaph. The account of his death appears to be on page 216 not 242. Excellent support from this brilliant website.

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    Actually, Mark, it is on page 242 of a pdf viewer. I should have made that clear.

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