Lt Col Gibson J T, 1/5th Bn The Welch

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    Some 10 years ago I started to research all Commonwealth heroes who are buried in and near Geel, Belgium (more than 500) Most of them died during a forgotten batle, the liberation of Geel (between the Albert Canal and the Escaut Canal).
    Sometimes I guide schools and people on these military cemeteries. I talk about my research, the book I wrote about it and the story of individual soldiers.

    Anyway, the question I received the most is…”who is the highest ranking officer buried here”… I knew his name: Lt Col Gibson J T, servicenumber 27977 from 1/5th Welch, but sadly nothing more.

    So I started my search for this man (his relatives) and a picture to show the people but sadly without any direct results. (not in books and not even the Royal Welsh Museum at Brecon, South Wales has one) However I was able to receive some newsarticles and more information about the man from a helpfull source:

    GIBSON. Lt Col, Commanding officer, Jack Tremayne, 27977, D.S.O. 1/5th Bn The Welch
    Regt, 158th Inf Brig died 20th September 1944, age 41, "Market Garden Op" in the canal
    crossing area action, he was killed by a sniper.
    Son of Surgeon Capt George Gibson R.N.
    & Mary Elizabeth Tremayne Gibson, husband of Jean Gibson of Newcastle, Monmouthshire.

    (Actually the man was severly injured by the sniper and he was brought to Geel to a ADS which was established in the local mental hospital. Sadly he died of his wounds that same day.)

    Now I'm looking for a picture.
    Since he was such a high ranking officer, I assume there just has to be a group picture with him on it.

    Does anyone can help me with this?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Not got an image of the bloke but have attached description of the DSO award, also provides various details which might help others track down an image:

    Screenshot 2020-02-03 at 16.25.57.png
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    I have looked through 32 family trees on Ancestry that include him but none include his photo

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    war diary page 19440920_1_5_welch regt.jpg
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