Lt-Cdr J D Tooms, RNVR - MBE?

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    Hi everyone

    Here is a recommendation for the award of MBE for Lt-Cdr John Douglas Tooms, RNVR.

    It was made by Sqn Ldr L Symonds, OC 2902 Field Sqn, RAF Regiment at the end of 1944.

    Found in 2902 Field Squadron - RAF Regiment ORB - Dec 44 to Jan 45 (AIR 29-129)



    Can anyone find if he actually got one as I am not having any luck on London Gazette?

    I believe he got a MID in 1944 but this was before he went to Greece.

    Thanks as ever

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    To my knowledge Gus, he doesnt appear to have been awared anything other than the MiD in the 1944 Birthday Honours. Temp/Act Lt/Cdr RNVR assigned to HMS MOSQUITO - Royal Navy coastal forces base at Alexandria, Egypt. Photo below as 4th Mate - Merchant Navy.

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    And for completeness Gus, here's the listing of his MID as you highlighted in your first post above, from Admiralty Fleet Orders, 20th June 1944.

    Kind regards, always,





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