LST 1010 / Unbong: Gimpo, South Korea

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    The Unbong LST was manufactured by Bethlehem Steel Co. in Quincy, Massachusetts, in February 1944. Originally commissioned as LST 1010, it was used in landing operations in Southern France in August 1944 and the Okinawa landings in April 1945. In 1955, the U.S. Navy transferred it to the ROK Navy where it was renamed LST 807, then later LST-671 Unbong. Unbong LST was used in the Vietnamese War seven times, from February 1966 to December 1972, supporting the rearguard operations of South Korean troops. It was retired in 2006 after 62 years of service.

    Open as a 'museum ship' for a trifling entry fee (less than two quid each), we happened to be in the area eating fried seafood and decided to wander around. As you can see, it was snowing--and windy--and icy, and as a result there were only three other people there.

    Cramped is the word. The hold had been given over to displays (of negligible interest, to be honest), but I did enjoy poking around the tangle of walkways and corridors and looking out over the water.

    These are literally snapshots, no attempt at art or documentation. I knew nothing of its earlier use during Op. Dragoon (Anvil) until I read about it here.

    Operation Dragoon - Wikipedia

    20200216_160822.jpg 20200216_160918.jpg 20200216_160952.jpg 20200216_160219.jpg 20200216_160350.jpg 20200216_160525.jpg 20200216_160324.jpg 20200216_160725.jpg 20200216_160832.jpg

    I really should take some decent shots of Gloster Hill and the memorial next time I'm nearby. It has a very calm atmosphere there, especially during the sultry summer afternoons.
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