Louise C le Bosse U.S. Dog Tags

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    From Ancestry family trees, there is some info:

    Louise Caroline LeBOSSE
    Birth 31 MAR 1910 in Piscataway Township, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA
    Death 18 DEC 2002 in Norwich, Norfolk, England

    Military Serial Number
    1943 16 Jun
    Age: 33

    1943 19 Jun
    Age: 33
    New York, New York, New York, USA
    Enlisted in Woman's Army Corps

    I would suggest you email them ans say that there is a Le Bosse family tree on Ancestry which can be contacted


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    Ancestry link to family tree - http://trees.ancestry.co.uk/tree/34919652/person/18719700471?ssrc=
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    Interestingly enough there is another result, but I am uncertain about its relevance, although it is Norwich based:

    Louise C Le Bosse in the British Phone Books, 1880-1984
    NAME: Louise C Le Bosse
    ADDRESS: Chiroprctr, 184 Chrislchurch Rd...
    EXCHANGE: Norwich
    CITY/TOWN: Norwich
    DIRECTORY TITLE: Norwich Jun
    PAGE NUMBER: 234


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    The earliest entry is dated 1971
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    Have sent an Ancestry message to the tree originator with a link to the newspaper article. I have asked that if this is his ancestor to let me know so that thread can be 'completed'

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    I really must get my brain in gear, reading further down the family tree details it states:

    Age: 61
    184 Christchurch Road, Norwich, Norfolk

    Death: 2002 18 Dec
    Age: 92
    Norwich, Norfolk, England

    NAME: Louise Caroline Le Bosse
    BIRTH DATE: 31 Mar 1910
    AGE AT DEATH: 92

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    Thanks Tricky Dicky, I have Just emailed Barry so he can have a look in here and at your links, wasn't able to do it earlier as had to go to work.

    I don't hold much hope for any close family, as there don't seem to be any children from her sister and brother.

    Would be nice to know where she had served and why she decided to remain in Norwich.
    Can only guess that whoever cleared her house, just got rid of her possession without any thought of history being lost.
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    Hi RCG

    I have also messaged via Ancestry the tree creator, and linked to both this thread and the article. I have also asked them to let me know of any outcome for completeness of this thread.

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    Things are slowly moving forward, had an email from Barry saying he's getting many replies.
    The more I look at this ladies history the more intrigued I get.
    Her Grandfather was born in France, her Father in Kingston Jamaica and her Mother in Concorde New Hampshire. Her Brother died in Mexico.

    Her Father worked for Hercker, Jones, Jewell Milling Co., 40 Corlears Street, New York, NY and was a Manufacturers agent in Port Au Prince, Haiti in 1915.

    <United States occupation of Haiti began on July 28, 1915, when 330 US Marines landed at Port-au-Prince on the authority of US President Woodrow Wilson to safeguard the interests of US corporations. The first invasion forces had already debarked from USS Montana on January 27 1914.

    The occupation ended on August 1, 1934 after Franklin D. Roosevelt reaffirmed an August 1933 disengagement agreement. The last contingent of US Marines departed on August 15 1934 after a formal transfer of authority to the Garde.>

    Then in 1925 he was a consul diplomat.
    and left Le Harve France in 1937.

    Louise enlisted 1943 aged 33 Where did she serve?
    We know she returned to New York in 1955 from Le Harve France.

    The next we hear of her is in 1964. She is resident at 28 Mount Pleasant Norwich, Norfolk, as a Chiropractor. Then in 1968 has moved 73 London Road, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

    1969 Kelly’s Directory for 73 London Rd, Louise Le-Bosse’ (USA) is as a “Spinal care chiropractor” (Thanks to Rospaul kings lynn for this info)

    Then in 1971 back to 184 Christchurch Road, Norwich, Norfolk.

    The thing that is puzzling me most is why after all the places in the world she had been to she decided to settle in Norfolk.
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    I guess she may have been working at a hospital in the area that was looking after the UK/American Airbases in and around the area, and perhaps grew to like Norfolk, returning there in her later life. - It's possible she even followed the troops through France after D-Day - especially as she would probably be good at French.

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    Here is the reply from the tree creator, received overnight:

    I researched Louise Caroline LeBOSSE at the request of the Mayor's Office of Veteran Affairs here in New York City. They had received a request from someone in England in regard to those dog tags. A member of that office knew I did family tree research and ask if I could find something. I have studied military history all my life, especially WWII. I have been doing family tree research for almost 20 years.

    Everything I found is on the family tree I posted on Ancestry.com. I thought it was an interesting family. Louise Caroline LeBOSSE appears to have been a very independent lady.

    Since I did all that work, I did not want it to go to waste. Maybe it could help someone else who was looking for Louise Caroline LeBOSSE and her family. Unfortunately I was not able to locate any live family members.

    This is the first contact I have received on this family. Thank you for your interest.

    Paul J S.................

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    Thanks for that TD.

    Yes, Hospital work seems to be an other avenue to look, at as there was one near Wymondham. Will have a look at that time permitting.

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