Lost Home Movies of Nazi Germany

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    I saw a comment on Facebook recently and posted this: Anyone with relatives in the SRY - Sherwood Rangers - on here?

    i.e. That around the 46min-47min mark - in Normandy etc. (of the 2nd episode) there's a bit with the SRY in.
    BBC iPlayer - Lost Home Movies of Nazi Germany - Series 1: Episode 2

    Albeit I've not really seen much more. I think I am aiming to catch up on them though and see what else is in there, though I think perhaps if you do want to find out anything more about what is in them it might be a bit tricky to do, as it may not be that clear where exactly each bit of film was filmed and by who and when and what each actually shows.

    Probably would involve a bit of further research if something in there catches your eye, i.e. like the SRY bit.
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    Excellent films and a tolerable voiceover, but spoiled by the completely pointless talking heads. Holland was particularly useless.
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