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    Can anyone identify which unit this truck pictured in Palestine in 1948 belonged to. To me the rhino seems to be the wrong way round to be British.

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    Was 25th Armoured Brigade in Palestine post-war?
    Pic on IWM site, with this at bottom of page.
    White rhino in a white oval, just no triangle.
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    That's the problem I'm having, can't yet find out who was in Palestine at the time. what I have found out so far from various threads on here and other sites is.
    The 1st Armoured Division in Italy in 1944. their rhino flash was facing the other way and had a kink in its tail.
    The 2nd Armoured Brigade their rhino flash, was facing the other way as well, they used this until the end of the war. A regular division at the outbreak of the war, formerly The Mobile Division, on 5 April 1943 it was redesignated 1st British Armoured Division to distinguish it from the 1st US Armoured Division. It ceased to be operational on 28 October 1944 and from this date there were no formations in the division. Divisional HQ was disbanded on 11 January 1945.

    Now 1st US Armoured Division used a rhino flash facing the same was as depicted on the photo.
    So did the 7th Canadians.

    During WW2 various units had the white rhino on their vehicles, background colours and numbers donated who they were examples below.

    - HQ 2 Armd Bde - '3' on Red
    - Queen's Bays - '4' on Red
    - 9 Lancers - '5' on Red
    - 10 Hussars - '6' on Red

    - HQ 3 Armd Bde - '7' on Green
    - 2 RTR - '8' on Green
    - 3 RTR - '9' on Green
    - 5 RTR - '10' on Green

    Apparently the chap in the photo was on his national service, and years later when seeing the rhino badge on a Suzuki Jeep, he said "That's the same badge as my old army unit".
    The square badge on the other side looks to have Arabic writing on it so not much help there.
  5. Rich Payne

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    The right-hand badge looks to be the red over yellow diagonal used post-war by RAC.

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