Lord Marmaduke James Hussey, 5 Grenadier Guards: Anzio Veteran dies.

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    Telegraph | News | Former BBC chairman Marmaduke Hussey dies
    Known as "Dukie", he was educated at Rugby and commissioned into the Grenadier Guards. He was severely wounded at Anzio, Italy, in 1943, losing a leg after being shot at point-blank range, and taken prisoner by the Germans but later repatriated because of his wounds. Thereafter he used an artificial leg and walked with the aid of a cane.

    If it was 1943 he was wounded at Anzio , he'd have been only British soldier there! :)
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    Wasn't Alan Whicker there with a British Army film unit?
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    US President Gerald Ford, who has also just died, was a gunnery officer in the carrier Monterey, and had some narrow escapes in the Pacific. He had the opportunity for a safe war as a PT instructor, but got himself into the line of action.
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    So was Spike Milligan and his unit. The landing was made by the 1st UK INF Division, so there were lots of British soliders at Anzio.

    Since the Allies wanted to land the largest possible contingent that available amphibious assault shipping allowed, the invasion force consisted of the U.S. 3d Infantry Division; the British 1st Infantry Division and 46th Royal Tank Regiment; the U.S. 751st Tank Battalion, the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82d Airborne Division, and the 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion; two British Commando battalions; and three battalions of U.S. Army Rangers. The U.S. 45th Infantry Division and Combat Command A (CCA), a regimental-size unit of the U.S. 1st Armored Division, were directed to land as reinforcements once the beachhead was established.
    ANZIO 1944
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    In 1944 yes but not as article says 1943.
    That's what I was getting at.

    If I'd won History of Gren Gds on eBay I could give you a report on the action he was wounded in. But as I didn't I can't. :(
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    Point taken! it was 1944.

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    The Times is more accurate.
    Obituary: Marmaduke Hussey - Britain - Times Online

    During the war he served in the Grenadier Guards. At Anzio in January 1944 he was commanding a platoon when he was hit at point-blank range by sub-machine-gun fire, severely wounded and taken prisoner. His right leg was amputated in Italy, and he was then transferred to a camp in Germany where he underwent surgery for a seriously damaged spine.

    edited in Guardian has him wounded in Febuary, so who do we believe?
    Marmaduke Hussey | Media | MediaGuardian.co.uk
    But his active service with the Grenadiers was tragically short. As a freshly appointed platoon commander, Hussey in February 1944 went ashore at Anzio, the bungled allied landing in Italy. After just five days he was cut down by German machine gun bullets, at least one of which lodged immovably in his spine. His leg was amputated in captivity and the Germans later repatriated him on mercy grounds.

    If I had an actual date to go on, I could post a map and some other info.
    It would have been in the fighting for The Factory which 5th Bn Gren Gds captured 25th Jan.
    I have a map in my shorter history of Gren Gds for Feb 7th .

    Total casualties for 5GG at Anzio, Jan 22 to March 8th [when they re-embarked for Naples]were
    9 Killed
    10 Wounded
    9 PoW
    Other Ranks
    52 Killed
    222 Wounded
    303 Missing.

    Also Major WP Sidney won the VC.
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