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Discussion in 'The War at Sea' started by Preston Stronach, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Preston Stronach

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    Hi all, looking for some information regarding the merchant navy displays in Lord Ashcroft's Gallery. Specifically I wanted to know if Captain George Stronach had anything displayed there as I am his great grandson (and namesake :) ) and I would very much like to visit the gallery when I visit the UK in November. Also any information anyone has regarding his time during the war would be greatly appreciated; most of his stuff was auctioned off and I have no way of contacting the person who sold it.


    Preston Stronach
  2. Hugh MacLean

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    Hi Preston,
    You carry a great name. Sorry can't help with the gallery but I have contributed to a few threads on George Preston Stronach. Begin with this one:
    sinking of ss Ocean Voyager

    There are some Survivor's Reports and a photo for starters. Any specific detail you need please just ask and I will help if I can.

  3. Preston Stronach

    Preston Stronach New Member

    Hi Hugh,

    Thanks for all the help, it is pretty remarkable to be able to read his account and a survivors account of the events.

    All the best,

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