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    Hi All,

    My Granddad past away when my mum was only 7-years old, so we do not know a lot about him and I would really like to find out more. This is my first time starting something like this so any advice would be greatly received.

    I have tried the usual sources such as Ancestry, Find my Past, but I cannot find a lot.

    What I do know:

    I have found his enlistment into the Queens Royal West Surrey on 5th July 1940

    His Regiment Number was: 6088668

    By the looks of the book I believe It states he Transferred to the Royal Engineers and was posted No6 TRNG BM 19th July 1941. Am I right in thinking this means No 6 Training Battalion?

    I know he was based in Italy, around Treviso or Trieste because he met my Nan and they Married in Venice in 1947. I have a marriage certificate however there are lots of irregularities. His Regiment number on it is listed as 6088688, their Ages are wrong. I'm worried the rest I have isn't quiet right

    The Residence of the Marriage is 702 AW SQN RE.
    702 - ?
    AW - Artisan Works
    SQN - Squadron
    RE - Royal Engineers

    There is some references of GHQ 2nd Echelon RE

    Despite all this information, I cannot find anything. Is this information irrelevant. Can someone point me in the right direction please.

    I would really like to find more information about him, any help would be great
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