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  1. Nathjc27

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    Hi all, I am brand new to this forum so apologies if this post in the wrong place.

    I am looking for some information on my grandfather who I believe served in the North Staffordshire Regiment.

    I have always kept his medals in my draw but unfortunately the box they came in is in terrible condition (received them in bad condition)and his number is unreadable.

    I am aware that he served in Africa and Italy but unfortunate he was not one to talk about the war with my father and by the time I got an interest in history he was too ill to speak.

    My father would also like to know more so if anyone could help me so I can put some specific information or photos of this regiment I would appreciate it. The government records would take too much time as I would love to surprise him at Christmas. I will also be happy to provide specific information such as full name, birth place etc via message.

    I thank you all in advance
  2. Tricky Dicky

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    Yes - as they take probably 6 - 8 weeks, unfortunately you will need his service records in order to research his military history and stop yourself going down blind alleys - the link for those records which are ONLY available via the MOD is Request records of deceased service personnel

    The reasons for this are that he may have initially been in a Regiment but during time he may easily have been transferred to others, for varying amounts of time - so trying to research just one regiment ......................................

    It may be a surprise after Xmas but hopefully you will have all the right information rather than guesswork

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  3. Nathjc27

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    That's a good point. Might just apply for them like you said. Suppose it's better late than never :)

    Thanks for your reply
  4. Tricky Dicky

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    Once you have his records you will know which units he was with and when. From that information you can then research via the War Diaries for those particular units - until you know those units however.............................

    For example various North Staffs battalions were in India/Burma, North Africa/Italy/N W Europe and Home front - so knowing where he was is vital

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  5. CL1

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    hello and welcome

    as TD says official records are the only way to go. Dont get sucked in by sites on the internet promising his records you will waste money and be disappointed.
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  6. minden1759

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    2 N STAFFS were at Anzio as part of 2 Infantry Brigade 1 British Infantry Division.

    They were the only N STAFFS battalion in Italy throughout the war.

    Start a conversation and I will happily give you what I have on 2 N STAFFS during their time at Anzio - Jan-May 44. It was pretty grim for them and they took a terrible beating up on Buonriposo Ridge.


  7. Nathjc27

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    Thanks Frank, his medals show he was in Africa, Italy and France (including other medals) but he only ever mentioned two when my father was young, everything else he knows was overheard as he really was a man of few words.

    Seems like you are well versed, would love to hear what you know. Thanks mate

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