Looking for Information on my Father's WW2 Unit - Belsen

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    My late father was a transport driver with the rasc 19.s.t. Coy and according to his records was on regular runs to the POW camp in Baydon for a few years. On the 26 August 1944 his record is marked "embarked for BLA". He was in NWE until 1946. His release paper states he was released in Belgium and it is dated 31 January 1946. The unit number also has 19.S.T. (206) Coy against it. Does anyone know what the 206 means. Would this number help in my search?

    A family member has advised me that my father was one of the first to reach Belsen however due to the circumstances my father did not discuss this in detail.

    I would love to find out more about the unit my father was attached too and would be grateful for any advice on how to do this.

    Best regards

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    I have just noticed that the unit number at date of release was 59 COY GEN TPT RASC.

    My father is now deceased but his name was Edgar Samuel Parker.

    Thank you.

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