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    Hi everyone I’m looking for a bit more information, possibly photographs, of my great grandfather.

    Harry Wesley Wright
    9 coast regiment, Royal Artillery
    1047573 WO.II (BSM)
    Died 13th January 1944
    Tasao no.2 cemetery

    That’s all the information I have so far and I know it’s much more than most, I would just love to know more and it would be greatly appreciated if anyone knows anything about him or could point me in a good direction.

    Thanks a lot :)
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    Hi Emily

    The first step now is to obtain his service records - these are ONLY available from the MOD and the forms are on this link - Request records of deceased service personnel

    Warrant Officer Class II (B.S.M.)
    Service Number 1047573
    Died 13/01/1944
    Aged 37
    9 Coast Regt.
    Royal Artillery
    Son of Harry and Ada Wright; husband of Ellen Beatrice Wright, of Salisbury.




    Others with more specialised knowledge of this theatre will hopefully be along to help


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  3. Tricky Dicky

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    Thai-Burma Death Railway Camps
    THAI-BURMA-RR_deaths_cemeteries (WO 361-2235) - Thai-Burma Railway camps; death rolls; cemetery details, with sketches. Maps and causes of death included for most cemeteries. Also lists of amputations and causes. Mostly British, Dutch & Australians.
    Cemeteries: Tamuan, Tasao (1, 2, 3 - Cholera), Tonchan (Main, South, Spring & Cholera), Tampi, Kanyu (1, Lower Main, Upper 2, Lower 2, Upper 3), Kinsayoke, Kinsaiyoku 1 Jungle, Kinsayoke 2 Jungle, Kinsayoke Dutch, Wampo, Hintock, Klian Klai, Chunkai, Chunkai South, Chungkai 4 South, Tamakan, Nakom Patom, Kanburi, St. Luke's, Timonta, 243 Kilo, Namuchonyai, Wampo, Tasao 2, Near Wanyai, Bonde, Nonpladuk, Between Wanyai and Tardan, Konquita, Hindato, Longi 62 K, Non Pladuk, Pungysho, Changi, Takanun, Brenkasi, Near Wampo North, 190 Kilo, 213 Kilo, Bandapong, Thai 1 Shiu Sheky Sho, Pratchapkirikan, Noohin, Minowa, Takyle, Takiri, Ratburi, Pakudo, Niki, 1 1/2 Kilo, Sonkrai SW, Village & Station, 229 Kilo, Krekonta, Tamajo, Takuri, Pratchai & 13 Kilo.

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    Captured Singapore 15/2/42.
    From File WO 361/2068


    OVL 24.10.42 means sent Overland from Singapore on 24/10/42. This should mean he was in 'Y' Party initially transported by train to Ban Pong. Unfortunately I cannot find a Roll for 'Y' Party, if indeed one exists, to confirm this.
    I believe Tasao is Tarsao which was a Hospital (!!!!) Camp and where your great grandfather died. From previous posts his grave was No.441 in No.2 Cemetery. Cemetery Plan Plan of Tarsao NoII
    As above his remains were moved after the war to Kanchanaburi War Cemetery.
    See also Death Railway
    You may care to also join and ask your question on the FEPOW Family Facebook page as I know there are some on there with an interest in 9 Coast Regt RA. The FEPOW Family

    Edit: Yes, Tasao and Tarsao one and the same.
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