Looking for Info on Front-Stalag 221 Rennes France

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    Just that when searching for it there are 89 files

    Search results: Front Stalag 133 Rennes | The National Archives

    Reference: WO 416/41/182
    Name: Gerard Brett.
    Date of Birth: 27 March 1915.
    Place of Birth: Belfast.
    Service: [British Army].
    Rank: Lieutenant.
    Regiment/Unit/Squadron: [The Royal Ulster Rifles].
    Service Number: 126498.
    Date of Capture: [unspecified].
    Theatre of Capture: [unspecified].
    Camp Name/Number: Front-Stalag 133 Rennes.

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    Captain John England has a quite extensive POW report that describes 133 real well.
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    I have these details : Frontstalags 133 and 127, headed by Kriegsgefangenen-Bezirk IX of Rennes, were divided into several barracks or camps in the city : the camp of the Parc des Sports on the road to Lorient, with 800 prisoners, the camp De la Marne on the road to Redon, with a capacity of 1,700 prisoners, which was used after WWII for German POW, the Camp de Guines (located Boulevard de Guines), the Camp Margueritte near the barracks of same name (18 barracks for a capacity of 2,000 prisoners, the annex of Jacques-Cartier prison, and the Lazarett (at the upper elementary school).
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    At the moment it is not possible to order files from NA Kew, due to the pandemic. I will come back to you as soon as the copies of these records will be in my hands. Sirjahn, I would have been very pleased to have the excerpt from the “List of UK wounded POWs that were recorded at Rennes” that mentions Cattermoul. It is possible? In the Operational Record Book of the Squadron, Cattermoul is just Flying Officer, not Flying Lieutenant.

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    Cattermoul was promoted Flight Lieutenant wef 25 June 1944.

    Page 4684 | Supplement 36744, 10 October 1944 | Lon...


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    Hello Dave,

    Thank you for this info, I better understand.

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