Looking for Info on Front-Stalag 221 Rennes France

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    I am looking for any information on Front-Stalag 221 also called Rennes Military Hospital also called Stalag 221 W. I have located the building in Rennes France and would very much like any information or stories from UK/Commonwealth POWs held there. It was the main location for severely wounded paratroopers on D-Day.

    My Father was a US Paratrooper wounded and held there until Patton's breakout liberated the town. The medical staff was mainly captured Allied doctors and aidmen.
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    I know this is a necro post but I thought I would share the information I have found. I have gone to Rennes and talked with folks on the ground that were there and back in the US I went to our National Archives and found the Admissions and Dispositions log kept jointly by Maj. Oxley, RAMC and Capt Kolmann MC. Below is the list of UK wounded POWs that were recorded at Rennes. 272 British, 88 Canadians and 1 New Zealander were treated at the hospital from 10 June 1944 until 4 August 1944 when the hospital was liberated. Four British and two Canadians died in the hospital. 656 US personnel were treated there of which 30 died.

    Log Entry Rank Service No. Name Nation Injury Arrived
    3	DVR	14432106	Holmes, A.	BR	Sprained Ankle	11-Jun-44	18-Jun-44
    4	PVT	58924109	Palmer, C.	BR	Fracture Right Humerus	11-Jun-44	
    5	PVT	14429760	Evans, A.	BR	GSW Right Hand	11-Jun-44	5-Jul-44
    6	PVT	5112422	Fletcher, J.	BR	Burned left hand	11-Jun-44	15-Jun-44
    7	PVT	5113664	Raybould, J.	BR	Shrapnel wound right hand	11-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    8	PVT	12635104	Scott, C. L.	BR	Shrapnel left hand	11-Jun-44	16-Jun-44
    9	PVT	14408286	Wiley, J. T.	BR	Shrapnel left arm	11-Jun-44	16-Jun-44
    10	SGT	2574548	Lamond, A.	BR	Septic left thumb	11-Jun-44	18-Jun-44
    11	GNR	49288098	Bissell, K.	BR	Sprained Back	11-Jun-44	16-Jun-44
    12	S/LDR	43081	Wright, C.	BR	Cut forehead   RAF	11-Jun-44	15-Jun-44
    14	CPT	86932	Walker	BR	Cut left hand, head and leg	11-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    15	CPT	"248068
    248063"	Nelson, D. H.	BR	?Diagnosis Entry is marked out and this is a Doctor?	11-Jun-44	25-Jun-44
    16	F/SGT	1814824	"Clark, Charles
    (Van Molkot, Joseph)"	BR	Injury to old Inguinal hernia  RAF	11-Jun-44	26-Jun-44
    18	CMDR		Keen-Miller, Jack Morris	BR	Head injury	11-Jun-44	16-Jun-44
    19	MAJ		Marshall	BR	GSW and fracture of right mandible	11-Jun-44	
    29	LCPL	624583	McGovern	BR	GSW right chest and left leg	15-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    31	PVT	4203578	Penty, H.	BR	Shrapnel in back	15-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    34	F/LT	132419	Roper, Peter Digby Lewington	BR	Canon shell right ankle   -- 198 Squadron	13-Jun-44	
    45	CPL	5889516	Heald, J.	BR	GSW left leg	13-Jun-44	
    46	PVT	6298309	Barry, J.	BR	Shrapnel right leg and left buttock	13-Jun-44	16-Jun-44
    48	GNR	T/14417?6	Parr, R.	BR	GSW ring finger left hand	13-Jun-44	16-Jun-44
    49	TPR	1448652	Aimsley, B.	BR	? Region left side bridge of nose	13-Jun-44	9-Jul-44
    50	TPR	794894	Wheatley, L.	BR	GSW right arm and hand fracture	13-Jun-44	
    53	SGT	4536181	Parsons, P.	BR	Mortar wounds of left leg	13-Jun-44	
    54	PVT	5342929	Long, B. J.	BR	GSW left side of jaw	13-Jun-44	
    56	LCPL	1431880	Marshall, K.	BR	Sypovitis left knee	13-Jun-44	
    59	LCPL	5955468	Ambrose, A.	BR	GSW right thigh	13-Jun-44	21-Jul-44
    63	PVT	14435412	Smith, W.	BR	Shrapnel right arm	13-Jun-44	28-Jun-44
    73	WO	776172	Ballock, T. W. E.	BR	Fractured right knee and burned face	13-Jun-44	25-Jul-44
    88	LCPL	5107780	Teakern, E.	BR	GSW both legs	13-Jun-44	25-Jul-44
    90	SSG	7625958	Musitano, Paul William Barnes	BR	GSW back entrance and exit wound	13-Jun-44	28-Jul-44
    102	PVT	5342963	Swenson, J. G.	BR	Shrapnel near axillia and groin	13-Jun-44	28-Jun-44
    184	GNR	14358272	Brookes	BR	Shrapnel to head	16-Jun-44	18-Jun-44
    185	SGT	1608600	Wyncole	BR	GSW Foot	16-Jun-44	18-Jun-44
    186	LCPL	921424	Lagg, K.	BR	Shrapnel left eye	16-Jun-44	6-Jul-44
    196	TPR	4626481	Heeley, Wally (Walter?) E.	BR	Shrapnel Right eye  	17-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    213	PVT	4410716	Davies, R. J.	BR	GSW right foot	17-Jun-44	25-Jul-44
    216	PVT	14406826	Jones, A.	BR	GSW left shoulder	18-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    217	LT	295442	Smith, G. P. B.	BR	GSW neck and right arm	18-Jun-44	17-Jul-44
    218	TPR	2118891	Bean, A.	BR	GSW left shoulder	18-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    219	LCPL	6969980	Pickett, E.	BR	GSW Right arm and right thigh	18-Jun-44	
    220	TPR	7696940	McHugh, A.	BR	GSW neck  	18-Jun-44	30-Jun-44
    221	PVT	5125809	Johnson, R.	BR	GSW right arm and left shoulder	18-Jun-44	30-Jun-44
    222	PVT	3321761	Massow, L.	BR	Sprained knee	18-Jun-44	1-Jul-44
    228	PVT	14407296	Megson, C.	BR	GSW left shoulder and side	18-Jun-44	18-Jul-44
    229	RFL	7009879	Gallagher, E.	BR	GSW right leg	18-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    230	RFL	44527250	Jones, J.	BR	GSW right shoulder, chest and legs	18-Jun-44	23-Jul-44
    231	PVT	5769871	Ellis, Thomas Walter	BR	GSW Right shoulder 	18-Jun-44	23-Jul-44
    232	PVT	14214867	Jenner, Donald Harry	BR	GSW right leg, left wrist  Died on POW train at LANGEAIS	18-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    233	PVT	3976643	Hughes, W.	BR	GSW right hand, left eyebrow	18-Jun-44	
    234	PVT	5783285	Baxter, T.	BR	GSW left shoulder	18-Jun-44	1-Jul-44
    235	SGT	4924621	Evetts, F.	BR	Bruised shoulders	18-Jun-44	1-Jul-44
    236	PVT	5118667	Whillock, W.	BR	GSW left thigh	18-Jun-44	5-Jul-44
    238	PVT	5116892	Hedge, W.	BR	GSW right foot	18-Jun-44	21-Jul-44
    239	PVT	5342965	Walters, G.	BR	GSW right foot	18-Jun-44	21-Jul-44
    240	PVT	5115202	Williams, W.  	BR	GSW both thighs	18-Jun-44	
    241	RFL	7019610	Creighton, F.	BR	GSW right ankle	18-Jun-44	
    242	PO	X/111109	Smith, John Alexander	BR	Amputation right leg upper ?	18-Jun-44	22-Jun-44
    243	PVT	14282252	Hyde	BR	Fracture right Tibia and Fibula	18-Jun-44	
    244	PVT	14410122	Clayson	BR	Amputation right leg, shrapnel head, face and arms	19-Jun-44	
    253	CPL	2887491	Hay	BR	Shrapnel left breast	19-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    254	RFL	6969873	Darby, K.	BR	GSW right elbow, fracture Tibia	19-Jun-44	
    255	SGT	1604298	Heal?, P.	BR	Fracture Tibia and Fibula  	19-Jun-44	
    264	PVT	5116769	Gilchrist, S.	BR	Fracture right Femur	18-Jun-44	
    267	PVT	5441542	Spange, G.	BR	GSW left axilla, left lumbar region	18-Jun-44	
    277	SGT	7908487	Lanpmead, J. T.	BR	GSW right arm	20-Jun-44	27-Jul-44
    329	PVT	3661162	Mills, John	BR	GSW through left leg	21-Jun-44	
    351	SGT	4348985	Horsfall, B.	BR	GSW both shoulders, shrapnel foot	23-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    356	PVT	14624044	Gregory, Williams	BR	Amputation left foot second toe	23-Jun-44	
    357	TPR	14436710	Hare, Williams C. D.	BR	Sprained Ankle	23-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    358	CPL	14351801	Downes or Downs, Frank	BR	GSW right elbow, right side	23-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    362	SGT	5724636	Saunder or Saunders, Walter	BR	Fracture Tibia and Fibula	23-Jun-44	
    363	FO	135755	Hogg, Ernest L.	BR	Fracture left Humerus, sprained  and bruised back?	23-Jun-44	
    364	PVT	5511723	Hines, Patrick A.	BR	GSW buttock	23-Jun-44	25-Jul-44
    366	PVT	2881833	Walker, George	BR	Shrapnel right leg, left heel	23-Jun-44	19-Jul-44
    367	CPL	4755175	Collwill, G. H.	BR	GSW left foot	23-Jun-44	
    369	PVT	14326152	Peach, T.	BR	GSW right chest	23-Jun-44	1-Jul-44
    370	RFL	14403266	Devine, C.	BR	Bomb blast head	23-Jun-44	21-Jul-44
    371	LCPL	14214312	Lochhead or Locklead, R.	BR	GSW right leg and right ?	23-Jun-44	23-Jul-44
    375	PVT	14660458	Bebbington, N.	BR	Shrapnel left arm and shoulder	23-Jun-44	30-Jul-44
    376	PVT	1077209	Murray, M. U.	BR	Shrapnel right (left?) leg	23-Jun-44	1-Jul-44
    377	PVT	6479666	Whitehead, H.	BR	Shrapnel back and left arm	23-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    379	TPR	7955846	Collinge, J. M.	BR	GSW multiple	23-Jun-44	
    380	CPL	5781835	Newman, C. J.	BR	GSW right arm	23-Jun-44	5-Jul-44
    385	PVT	14596147	Belcher, J. H.	BR	GSW left leg	23-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    388	PVT	14660487	Collett, E. A.	BR	Shrapnel left chest	23-Jun-44	
    389	PVT	14606556	Thurlow, J. E.	BR	Shrapnel left leg and back	23-Jun-44	
    392	PVT	14412898	Broomfield or Broonfield, E.	BR	GSW right arm and right groin	23-Jun-44	
    393	PVT	5678783	Collins, D.	BR	GSW right chest fractured ankle	23-Jun-44	
    397	PVT	4755211	Brassel, G.	BR	GSW right chest and wrist	23-Jun-44	5-Jul-44
    398	PVT	CH/X.105642	Charlwood, H.	BR	Shrapnel right leg, right arm 	23-Jun-44	11-Jul-44
    399	PVT	CH/X.105643	Coford, A.	BR	GSW right leg	23-Jun-44	11-Jul-44
    400	LCPL	3712663	Mannion, J. P.	BR	Shrapnel both legs	23-Jun-44	31-Jul-44
    401	LTC	40514	Richardson, Philip Herbert	BR	GSW left hand, splinter left leg	23-Jun-44	30-Jun-44
    408	CPL	5193318	Spence, W. C.	BR	GSW right leg, right thigh	23-Jun-44	30-Jul-44
    409	LCPL	14616672	Edwards, F.	BR	GSW right foot	23-Jun-44	
    410	LCPL	1948282	Haegan, R.	BR	GSW left arm	23-Jun-44	1-Jul-44
    411	PVT	14211572	Brown, P.	BR	GSW left leg	23-Jun-44	23-Jul-44
    412	CPL	6918136	Eldon, E.	BR	GSW head	23-Jun-44	
    413	LT	145191	Warner, R. D.	BR	GSW left arm, left shoulder and right arm	23-Jun-44	30-Jun-44
    414	PVT	"7893728
    7895728"	Staniforth, F.	BR	Shrapnel left shoulder  	23-Jun-44	1-Jul-44
    415	PVT	POX 4854	Kohler, R.	BR	GSW right leg	23-Jun-44	5-Jul-44
    417	RFL	14360448	Alderson, Robert	BR	Multiple GSW	24-Jun-44	
    418	PVT	"1502853
    14260448"	"Carter, W. J.
    Carter, William"	BR	Shrapnel right arm	24-Jun-44	
    420	CPL	5502924	Harling, George	BR	GSW both feet, left knee and right arm	24-Jun-44	
    421	PVT	14250048	Lawrence, Felix	BR	GSW left buttock and thigh	24-Jun-44	5-Jul-44
    422	LCPL	"5343489
    534349"	Rogers, John	BR	GSW right arm	24-Jun-44	5-Jul-44
    424	CPL	6968605	Watt, Douglas	BR	GSW left buttock and thigh	24-Jun-44	25-Jul-44
    428	RFL	6201565	White, Douglas	BR	Multiple GSW	24-Jun-44	
    429	RFL	6916652	Neville, Sydney	BR	GSW left arm right buttock	24-Jun-44	
    431	PVT	5347566	Farguharson, Maurice	BR	Malaria	24-Jun-44	23-Jul-44
    432	TPR	14228340	Taylor, Wilfred	BR	Burns face, left arm, shrapnel right leg and right hand 	24-Jun-44	23-Jul-44
    433	MAJ	50233	Carr, Arthur	BR	Shrapnel left leg	24-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    434	CPL	7018871	Cully, Robert	BR	GSW left thigh	24-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    436	TPR	1875929	Peachey, Arthur	BR	Fractured ribs	24-Jun-44	1-Jul-44
    437	TPR	14544648	Rix, Thomas	BR	Burns face and hands	24-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    438	CPL	"2935419
    2935149"	Wood, Robert	BR	GSW left arm and left thigh	23-Jun-44	20-Jul-44
    439	CPL	6021914	Ravenhill, Norman	BR	GSW spine, head	23-Jun-44	
    457	LT	311378	Bell, Allen	BR	GSW left thigh	27-Jun-44	
    458	PVT	5725130	Gallaway, G. E.	BR	GSW right shoulder fracture right ankle	27-Jun-44	
    459	SGT	7905015	Pumphery, Jack	BR	Burns face, hands left arm	27-Jun-44	
    460	CPL	771565	Parton, J.	BR	Amputation left leg	27-Jun-44	
    461	LT	138463	Cork, H.	BR	Fracture right leg	27-Jun-44	
    462	CPL	2589875	Ramsbottom, Harry	BR	Burns face, both hands	27-Jun-44	
    463	LCPL	7013199	Holmes, William	BR	Shrapnel left leg	27-Jun-44	
    467	CPT	284850	Bousfield, Richard	BR	GSW chest 	27-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    468	CPL	3781977	Penter, Gordon	BR	Penetrating GSW face	27-Jun-44	
    469	PVT	1611027	Dodds, Thomas	BR	Shrapnel right arm GSW right knee	27-Jun-44	
    470	PVT	14206309	Ellis, James Henry	BR	Fracture left leg	27-Jun-44	
    471	PVT	"14646951
    14646051"	Cumby, Cecil	BR	Fracture left arm, shrapnel left shoulder, right arm, right leg, and left thigh	27-Jun-44	
    472	MAJ	134357	Hudson, Ronald	BR	Amputated left leg and shrapnel right arm, chest and shoulder	27-Jun-44	
    473	LT	259388	Walker, Christophe	BR	Common fracture left Tibia	27-Jun-44	
    474	LCPL	3608573	Hoy, A.	BR	GSW right arm	27-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    476	PVT	6026619	Dixon, James	BR	Contusion of back  Died in Nantes POW Train 8 August	27-Jun-44	2-Aug-44
    480	PVT	4203107	Parry, T.	BR	GSW fracture right thigh	27-Jun-44	
    487	FLT	126582	Cattermoul, Frank Harold	BR	Concussion brain, bruise left eye and left wrist	30-Jun-44	6-Jul-44
    496	PVT	14404509	Faulkner, Arthur William	BR	GSW right buttock  CWGC has death 23 June 44 in Bayeaux Cemetary	1-Jul-44	25-Jul-44
    497	PVT	3862223	Butcher, C. F.	BR	Multiple shrapnel wounds	1-Jul-44	
    498	LCPL	3711791	Gresty, Thomas	BR	Shrapnel left leg and left hand	1-Jul-44	
    499	PVT	5182881	O'Brien, Christophe	BR	Fracture left leg and GSW right leg	1-Jul-44	
    501	PVT	4196081	Perry, James	BR	Shrapnel in back	1-Jul-44	
    502	F/SGT	1311816	Boon, Peter	BR	Fractured jaw and injuries to back and shoulders	1-Jul-44	
    503	LT	"210531
    215031"	Weiner, J. M.	BR	Shrapnel left and right legs	2-Jul-44	
    504	SGT	3134750	Mason, L.	BR	Extensive burns face and hands	2-Jul-44	
    505	TPR	14295795	Baker, Gordon L.	BR	Burns face and hands, shrapnel neck, GSW right hand and finger	2-Jul-44	
    506	CPL	"3001307
    3061397"	"Stevens, R.
    Steven, George"	BR	Fracture left jaw, GSW throat	2-Jul-44	
    507	PVT	4449221	Furness, Frederick	BR	GSW chest (right)  Died 16 September 44 CWGC	2-Jul-44	
    508	PVT	14373884	Corbridge, Ernest	BR	GSW left mastoid	2-Jul-44	5-Jul-44
    509	PVT	14266850	Stubbs, Stanley	BR	GSW in back	2-Jul-44	18-Jul-44
    510	LCPL	"14212343
    14212543"	Peppercorn, Kenneth	BR	Shrapnel left leg	2-Jul-44	30-Jul-44
    511	LT	300333	Bendall, P. M.	BR	Fracture left Tibia	2-Jul-44	
    512	PVT	2983385	Black, James	BR	Shrapnel left leg and thigh and right arm	2-Jul-44	
    513	CPL	5888383	Lott, Horace	BR	Compound fracture left Humerus, compound fracture left Femur	2-Jul-44	
    514	PVT	4748774	Shippam, M.	BR	Shrapnel left arm, right leg and thigh	2-Jul-44	18-Jul-44
    515	PVT	"1465529
    14655259"	Armstrong, F.	BR	Fracture right leg	2-Jul-44	
    516	SGT	5256651	Thomas, Sidney	BR	Penetrating GSW left thigh	2-Jul-44	
    517	PVT	975343	"Bowyer, P. F.
    Bowyev, Frank"	BR	Shrapnel left arm, GSW left buttock	2-Jul-44	5-Jul-44
    518	PVT	5730159	Dawe, William C.	BR	Penetrating GSW left thigh	2-Jul-44	31-Jul-44
    519	PVT	14211281	Stephenson, Alex	BR	Shrapnel left hand and right leg	2-Jul-44	12-Jul-44
    523	PVT	3319555	Gardner, John	BR	GSW right buttock	3-Jul-44	12-Jul-44
    524	PVT	1150724	Thurgood, Jack	BR	Fracture right arm	3-Jul-44	
    525	PVT	5675486	Tuffin, Jack	BR	Shrapnel right arm	3-Jul-44	
    526	PVT	14592282	Watkins, Naumer	BR	Fracture left Femur	3-Jul-44	
    531	PVT	14261700	Gascoigne, Ralph	BR	Shrapnel right leg	3-Jul-44	19-Jul-44
    532	PVT	14409752	Schneiderman, Alfred	BR	Fracture right Femur	3-Jul-44	
    533	LT	245288	Ennals, David	BR	Fracture Right Humerus	3-Jul-44	
    534	PVT	7356444	Mathews, Kenneth Samuel K.	BR		3-Jul-44	8-Jul-44
    536	PVT	97003267	Newcomb, Victor Noel	BR	Erysipilis	4-Jul-44	12-Jul-44
    537	CPL	3133739	Woodhead, C.	BR	GSW right leg and thigh	4-Jul-44	
    546	CPL	420539	Sutherland, Ian Bruce	BR	Multiple shrapnel wounds	4-Jul-44	28-Jul-44
    548	PVT	3663636	Taylor, Arthur	BR	GSW right hip	4-Jul-44	
    549	PVT	"14691473
    14691472"	Jeffrey, Gerald	BR	GSW right foot	4-Jul-44	
    551	SGT	3660245	Taylor, Trevor	BR	GSW back (fracture spine)	4-Jul-44	
    553	LT	245304	Casares, Raoul	BR	GSW buttock and right shoulder	4-Jul-44	
    554	PVT	2037184	Cooper, Nentle	BR	Shrapnel left foot and ankle	4-Jul-44	
    557	PVT	5837148	Rawlinson, Georges	BR	Shrapnel neck and left leg	4-Jul-44	12-Jul-44
    558	PVT	14643316	Smith, Roy	BR	Fracture left arm	4-Jul-44	
    559	LT	164490	Luxton, Brian F.	BR	GSW back	4-Jul-44	9-Jul-44
    576	GNR	956374	"Smith, R. W.
    Smith, Walter"	BR	Shrapnel lower jaw	5-Jul-44	19-Jul-44
    578	RFL	3254747	Marshall, William	BR	Shrapnel right eyebrow and right hand	6-Jul-44	
    579	PVT	3133793	Clowes, James	BR	Shrapnel back, hands, left thigh, left foot	6-Jul-44	
    580	PVT	3133909	Bryson, Thomas	BR	Shrapnel left arm, left ear	6-Jul-44	12-Jul-44
    581	RFL	3249442	Rowe, Stanley	BR	Shrapnel left temple, left arm, left leg	6-Jul-44	19-Jul-44
    618	PVT	4274143	Brown, Robert	BR	GSW left hip	8-Jul-44	12-Jul-44
    619	PVT	3976826	Archer, William	BR	GSW right hip	8-Jul-44	
    620	PVT	14214902	Todd, Fred	BR	Shrapnel right leg	8-Jul-44	
    621	PVT	4081458	Zobole, Louis	BR	Shrapnel right buttock	8-Jul-44	19-Jul-44
    622	TPR	3458718	Turner, F.	BR	Shrapnel right knee, left hip	8-Jul-44	19-Jul-44
    623	DVR	3783200	Ackley, Harold	BR	Fracture right arm	8-Jul-44	
    624	PVT	"5349485
    5349486"	Matthews, Roderick	BR	Shrapnel left side	8-Jul-44	28-Jul-44
    625	PVT	5573054	Tennant, H.	BR	Shrapnel right leg	8-Jul-44	
    639	SGT	319072	Northover, E.	BR	GSW left Ulna	9-Jul-44	
    640	PVT	5732219	Devenish, W.	BR	Shrapnel in right hand	9-Jul-44	12-Jul-44
    641	PVT	5628353	Cutler, A.	BR	Fracture right leg by GSW	9-Jul-44	
    642	PVT	14206598	Hall, D.	BR	Fracture upper right leg	9-Jul-44	
    698	SMJ	4102649	Mewett, A.	BR	Shrapnel back of head	10-Jul-44	
    720	LSGT	4800250	Goddard, W. F.	BR	GSW left elbow, suspected fracture	13-Jul-44	
    721	PVT	5628907	Jacobs, F. T.	BR	GSW left arm	13-Jul-44	
    722	CPT	158315	Wager, L. J. B.	BR	GSW right arm 	13-Jul-44	
    723	PVT	5724604	Hansford, William George	BR	GSW right knee Died 21 January 1945 CWGC	13-Jul-44	
    724	LCPL	5730146	Spicer, E.	BR	GSW right ankle	13-Jul-44	
    725	PVT	14203754	Mabbott, D.	BR	GSW right side chest and left leg	13-Jul-44	
    726	PVT	4635050	Newfound, J.	BR	GSW back	13-Jul-44	
    727	LT	277729	Anderson, R.	BR	Contusion chest, back and left leg	13-Jul-44	
    728	CPL	1082422	Kellan	BR	Shrapnel both legs	13-Jul-44	
    729	LCPL	5050839	Latton	BR	Shrapnel right leg, GSW left thigh	13-Jul-44	
    730	PVT	5726573	Chapman, C.	BR	Shrapnel both legs and left shoulder, GSW right hand	13-Jul-44	
    786	PVT	5728892	Hendry, R.	BR	GSW right ankle	15-Jul-44	19-Jul-44
    787	PVT	5724388	Kimber, William Francis Peter	BR	Shrapnel left arm  Died 6 August on POW train LANGEAIS	15-Jul-44	19-Jul-44
    788	PVT	5728082	Bunce, D.	BR	GSW left arm	15-Jul-44	
    789	PVT	H/14610318	Langforth, L.	BR	Shrapnel back, left leg	15-Jul-44	19-Jul-44
    790	PVT	5726625	White, R.	BR	Shrapnel right leg	15-Jul-44	
    791	PVT	5506362	Ogbrunn, H.	BR	Shrapnel chest  	15-Jul-44	
    819	CPL	4203735	Martin, D.	BR	Shrapnel left leg	19-Jul-44	
    820	LT	217383	Evans, Linus	BR	GSW left shoulder  Died 8 Feb 1945 CWGC rank of CPT	19-Jul-44	
    821	PVT	6922625	Pearce, A.	BR	Shrapnel left arm	19-Jul-44	24-Jul-44
    822	CPL	4197714	Hughes, H.	BR	Shrapnel left hip	19-Jul-44	
    823	PVT	14426969	Sandford, A.	BR	Shrapnel right leg	19-Jul-44	
    824	PVT	3909459	Long, B.	BR	Shrapnel left chest, right leg	19-Jul-44	24-Jul-44
    825	PVT	3910413	Richards, T.	BR	GSW face and right arm	19-Jul-44	
    826	FUS	4203320	Harris, D.	BR	GSW right shoulder	19-Jul-44	
    827	FUS	4200190	Furben, T.	BR	GSW right leg	19-Jul-44	
    828	PVT	531695	Scroggs, G.	BR	Shrapnel left hand	19-Jul-44	
    829	PVT	5389158	James, T.	BR	GSW right shoulder	19-Jul-44	24-Jul-44
    830	PVT	808009	Smith, J.	BR	GSW left leg, right arm	19-Jul-44	24-Jul-44
    832	PVT	7927811	Pearson, G.	BR	Shrapnel right foot	19-Jul-44	
    833	PVT	14592800	Hepgood, C.	BR	GSW right elbow	19-Jul-44	27-Jul-44
    834	PVT	4200216	Lennon, J.	BR	GSW right leg	19-Jul-44	24-Jul-44
    835	PVT	2057292	Hurst, W.	BR	Shrapnel both legs	19-Jul-44	
    837	PVT	2992436	Sawson, J.	BR	Shrapnel buttocks	19-Jul-44	23-Jul-44
    876	PVT	5443920	Taylor, L.	BR	Shrapnel left leg	20-Jul-44	
    877	PVT	5723517	Thompson, H?	BR	Shrapnel right hip  	20-Jul-44	
    878	LCPL	5731675	Barrett, William	BR	Amputated left leg  	20-Jul-44	
    891	CPL	4197927	Walsh, T.	BR	GSW neck	22-Jul-44	27-Jul-44
    892	PVT	4206667	Costello, T.	BR	GSW left leg	22-Jul-44	
    893	PVT	3393959	Hayhurst, Walter	BR	Shrapnel right leg	22-Jul-44	24-Jul-44
    894	SGT	4191896	Taylor, J.	BR	Shrapnel right leg	22-Jul-44	
    895	PVT	14610393	Watkins, G.	BR	GSW left leg	22-Jul-44	27-Jul-44
    896	PVT	4200163	Sturmer, A.	BR	GSW right side of head	22-Jul-44	
    897	PVT	14660329	Pickett, R.	BR	Shrapnel left leg and chest, right arm	22-Jul-44	
    898	LCPL	2121917	Mason, E.	BR	Shrapnel left leg	22-Jul-44	
    899	PVT	2125878	Coward	BR	Shrapnel right ankle	22-Jul-44	27-Jul-44
    900	PVT	7047940	Capwell, F.	BR	GSW right leg	22-Jul-44	27-Jul-44
    901	PVT	3909446	Merryweather, A.	BR	Shrapnel left leg and back	22-Jul-44	
    902	PVT	14425644	Williams, A.	BR	GSW left leg/fracture	23-Jul-44	
    904	PVT	4202430	O'Connell, N.	BR	Shrapnel head	23-Jul-44	
    906	PVT	7951999	Bellis, D.	BR	Shrapnel both legs, both arms	23-Jul-44	
    909	PVT	4202770	Leah, D.	BR	GSW right leg (fracture)	23-Jul-44	
    916	PVT	1500964	O'Kane, T.	BR	Shrapnel right arm and shoulder	23-Jul-44	
    917	LCPL	4206378	Burns, J.	BR	Shrapnel right leg	23-Jul-44	
    920	PVT	3942528	Assurate, J.	BR	Shrapnel left hand and head	23-Jul-44	
    921	PVT	3971049	Martin, L.	BR	Contusion right arm	23-Jul-44	27-Jul-44
    922	PVT	4205467	Davis, R.	BR	Shrapnel legs	23-Jul-44	
    923	PVT	3967033	Powell, D.	BR	Shrapnel left leg	23-Jul-44	
    924	PVT	1465897	Williams, T.	BR	Shrapnel both legs and arms	23-Jul-44	
    925	PVT	3958861	Madley, W.	BR	Shrapnel fracture Clavicle	23-Jul-44	
    926	PVT	3968154	Kearle, T.	BR	Contusion left arm, leg and face	23-Jul-44	
    927	LCPL	14204304	Keale, S.	BR	GSW left buttock	23-Jul-44	
    928	PVT	14205221	Sales, P.	BR	Shrapnel right arm	23-Jul-44	
    929	PVT	3976351	Jones, D.	BR	Contusion right face	24-Jul-44	
    940	PVT	7012088	Cochrane, G.	BR	Rheumatism right arm	25-Jul-44	
    944	SGT	3957832	Jones, E.	BR	Shrapnel right shoulder	25-Jul-44	
    945	PVT	5501590	Carter, C.	BR	Burns legs and right hand	25-Jul-44	
    979	PVT	14673637	Laveys, A.	BR	GSW right arm	27-Jul-44	
    980	PVT	14407997	Sweetman, R.	BR	Shrapnel left side of back	27-Jul-44	
    981	LSGT	2733480	Ellis, R.	BR	Shrapnel back of head	27-Jul-44	
    982	PVT	4197653	French, H.	BR	Shrapnel back	27-Jul-44	
    983	FUS	4203329	Simms, Kenneth	BR	GSW fracture of skull	27-Jul-44	28-Jul-44
    986	LCPL	3976361	Lloyd, S.	BR	Shrapnel left leg	27-Jul-44	
    987	PVT	14351801	Miller, C.	BR	Shrapnel left leg	27-Jul-44	
    1001	PVT	14324271	Rose, W.	BR	Shrapnel left eye, right leg	29-Jul-44	
    1016	PVT	5669095	Hayes, S.	BR	GSW left shoulder	1-Aug-44	
    1	PVT	F/78406	McCulloch, H. E.	CA	Shrapnel left Auxilla	11-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    2	PVT	G/23117	Kelly, L. J.	CA	GSW Left Chest	11-Jun-44	5-Jul-44
    21	PVT	F/55254	McNeill, J.	CA	Buttock and leg shrapnel wounds	13-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    22	CPL	F/44999	Diggins	CA	Shrapnel wound of left side of head	11-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    24	PVT	F/60008	"Bishop, L. N.
    Bishop, R. W."	CA	GSW right thigh	13-Jun-44	5-Jul-44
    25	F/SGT	R/193475	McGowan, R.	CA	Fracture Right Humerus	13-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    28	LCPL	F/29968	Stevenson, W. S.	CA	GSW left shoulder	15-Jun-44	5-Jul-44
    55	PVT	H/195460	Trudeau, D. D.	CA	Multiple shrapnel wounds	13-Jun-44	9-Jul-44
    80	RFL	H/121061	Georgeson, W. E.	CA	GSW left thigh	13-Jun-44	16-Jun-44
    81	PVT	D/135646	Weeks, H. J.	CA	Shrapnel in buttocks	13-Jun-44	18-Jun-44
    82	PVT	D/139263	Rice, Jack A.	CA	Shrapnel in right temple	13-Jun-44	11-Jul-44
    83	PVT	F/52101	Wardrope, A. R.	CA	Shrapnel right shoulder, left head	13-Jun-44	16-Jun-44
    93	RFL	H/41578	Bast, C. J.	CA	Shrapnel left calf 	13-Jun-44	16-Jun-44
    149	PVT	F/36126	Dunn, R. L.	CA	Perforating wound right hand	16-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    161	PVT	A/102942	Masse, R. J. U.	CA	Abrasion to calf, patella twisted	16-Jun-44	28-Jun-44
    168	F/SGT	R/194196	Minet, J.	CA	Superficial burns of face	16-Jun-44	18-Jun-44
    182	CPL	H/41725	McLean, H. C.	CA	GSW back, right thigh	16-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    190	RFL	H/41207	Garnett, S.	CA	GSW shoulders	16-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    237	LT		James, Donald Arthur	CA	GSW neck	18-Jun-44	
    258	CPL	H/17354	Lavalle	CA	GSW back	19-Jun-44	
    259	PVT	G/19498	Sweeney	CA	Amputation right leg	19-Jun-44	
    327	PVT	L/105890	Bell, T. C.	CA	GSW right arm	21-Jun-44	26-Jul-44
    328	CPL	F/60362	MacIntyre, A.	CA	GSW right foot	21-Jun-44	
    330	LCPL	K/15360	Shelford, H. M.	CA	GSW left foot	21-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    331	PVT	H/41640	Dutiaume, H. J.	CA	Shrapnel left arm and left leg	21-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    332	SGT	F/44705	Dudka, S.	CA	GSW right arm	21-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    368	TPR	H/26744	Speight, S. L.	CA	Burns face and legs	23-Jun-44	
    372	PVT	L/106403	McIntosh, M. H.	CA	GSW right foot and left leg	23-Jun-44	
    381	PVT	F/3563	Aucsin, F. N.	CA	Right leg amputation	23-Jun-44	
    382	PVT	F/89974	Sampson, S. A.	CA	GSW right Femur, penetrating wound right hand	23-Jun-44	
    384	PVT	F/45199	Gordan, D. B.	CA	GSW right Femur 	23-Jun-44	
    386	SGT	F/50115	Morris, Cecil Bertram	CA	GSW left leg	23-Jun-44	31-Jul-44
    394	CPL	F/45467	Sceetes, G. L.	CA	GSW left leg	23-Jun-44	
    396	PVT	F/56522	Rosta, George	CA	Shrapnel right leg  Died 10 June 44 CWGC	23-Jun-44	30-Jul-44
    402	FO	J22382	Ross, J. W.	CA	Facial burns	23-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    403	PVT	G/4430	Wade, L. A.	CA	GSW right arm and back	23-Jun-44	
    404	RFL	H/4727	Burdett, C. W.	CA	GSW right foot, GSW left leg	23-Jun-44	
    405	CPL	B/70269	Labrick, M. P.	CA	Amputation right arm	23-Jun-44	
    407	PVT	"D/62856
    "	Leclair, ?. P.	CA	GSW right leg	23-Jun-44	
    416	PVT	D/139988	Raymond	CA	Shrapnel left foot	23-Jun-44	
    423	SGT	F/30033	Wilson, R. H.	CA	Fracture right ankle	24-Jun-44	
    430	RFL	L/28201	Ewalk, W. J.	CA	GSW right arm	24-Jun-44	1-Jul-44
    435	LCPL	F/45174	McKay, W. L.	CA	GSw right arm and head	24-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    450	PO	J/19712	Murphy, N. P.	CA	Injury to head and back (Crash)	25-Jun-44	30-Jun-44
    456	PVT	F/56085	Fisher, A.	CA	Fracture left leg	27-Jun-44	
    464	RFL	H/40939	LeClair, John	CA	Fracture right Femur	27-Jun-44	8-Jul-44
    465	PVT	F/13201	Carfan, L.	CA	Shrapnel left arm, hand, knee and shoulders	27-Jun-44	
    466	RFL	H/20794	Cook, A.	CA	Amputation right leg	27-Jun-44	
    538	CPL	F/49723	Gourley, C. O.	CA	Shrapnel right shoulder, chest and neck	4-Jul-44	12-Jul-44
    539	PVT	F/2907	Peters, E.	CA	Shrapnel right leg	4-Jul-44	12-Jul-44
    540	PVT	A/104355	McConnell, P. F.	CA	GSW right buttock	4-Jul-44	12-Jul-44
    541	CPL	H/40932	Cullen, J.	CA	GSW left chest	4-Jul-44	12-Jul-44
    542	PVT	A/102829	La Foret, G. A.	CA	GSW right elbow	4-Jul-44	12-Jul-44
    543	PVT	F/44824	MacDonald, M.	CA	Fracture left shoulder	4-Jul-44	
    544	CPL`	E/22604	Berube, L.	CA	GSW chest and right arm	4-Jul-44	12-Jul-44
    545	PVT	F/49719	Glennie, A.	CA	Amputation 3rd right hand finger, fracture finger left hand	4-Jul-44	
    547	CPT		Brebner, C.	CA	Fracture left radius and Ulna and Pelvis	4-Jul-44	
    550	RFL	H/21064	Knasnesky, George	CA	GSW left buttock  	4-Jul-44	19-Jul-44
    552	PVT	F/50021	Pyke, N. W.	CA	Shrapnel left leg and arm, fracture right arm	4-Jul-44	12-Jul-44
    555	PVT	F/87703	Richards, R.	CA	GSW left chest, multiple shrapnel	4-Jul-44	
    556	PVT	F/50310	Melanson, D.	CA	Amputation 2 fingers 	4-Jul-44	
    574	WO	C27452	Blair, W.	CA	Shrapnel right buttock	5-Jul-44	
    697	FLT	J/15120	Needham, William Barry	CA	Burns face, waist, legs   -- Goes by Barry in records  412 Squadron 	10-Jul-44	
    816	WO1	R/71499	Powers, William Charles	CA	Shrapnel left eye, both arms	18-Jul-44	20-Jul-44
    957	PVT	D/81395	Royston, F.	CA	GSW right leg	27-Jul-44	
    958	PVT	K/50624	Hunchak, J.	CA	Shrapnel left leg	27-Jul-44	
    959	CPT		Kemp, J.	CA	GSW fracture right leg	27-Jul-44	
    960	PVT	114015	Cuima, M.	CA	GSW, shrapnel both legs	27-Jul-44	
    961	PVT	N/33820	Knupp, A.	CA	Shrapnel right leg	27-Jul-44	
    962	PVT	D/81403	McWilliams, D.	CA	Shrapnel left leg	27-Jul-44	
    963	PVT	C/118592	Knuth, H.	CA	Shrapnel left shoulder	27-Jul-44	
    964	PVT	B/155389	Dunford, C.	CA	Shrapnel back	27-Jul-44	
    966	PVT	D/76949	Dunlop, J.	CA	Shrapnel right arm	27-Jul-44	
    967	PVT	D/123434	Fortier, H.	CA	Shrapnel back and leg	27-Jul-44	
    968	PVT	B/755186	Kennedy, J.	CA	GSW jaw	27-Jul-44	
    969	PVT	D/81969	McAran, B.	CA	GSW right arm and chest	27-Jul-44	
    970	PVT	D/82981	Goodale, C.	CA	Shrapnel left leg	27-Jul-44	
    971	PVT	D/82582	Leduc, A.	CA	GSW back	27-Jul-44	
    972	SGT	D/83195	Raulston, M.	CA	GSW left leg	27-Jul-44	
    973	PVT	D/116732	Baker, H.	CA	GSW left leg	27-Jul-44	
    974	PVT	"D/71610
    D/71618"	"Bickerstaff, M.
    Bickerstaff, Leonard David"	CA	GSW left hip  Black Watch Canada Died 25 Jul 1944	27-Jul-44	
    975	PVT	D/71612	Clarke, A.	CA	GSW right leg	27-Jul-44	
    976	PVT	D/82026	Ducat, R.	CA	Shrapnel head, both arms, right leg	27-Jul-44	
    977	PVT	M/38838	Swanlund, A.	CA	GSW right arm, shrapnel left hip	27-Jul-44	
    978	PVT	D/135610	Myhill, G.	CA	GSW right leg	27-Jul-44	
    996	PVT	M/7513	Evans, K.	CA	GSw fracture ankle, shrapnel shoulders	29-Jul-44	
    997	PVT	D/71284	Franstein, A.	CA	GSW head, right shoulder	29-Jul-44	
    998	CPL	D/83061	Mason, S.	CA	GSW back, shrapnel face	29-Jul-44	
    378	PO	12623/D	Vanderheyden (Van der Heijden), Reinout Philips Martin 	NE	Shrapnel left shoulder burn left leg  Netherlands Navy Actually a radio operator/gunner NCO not officer 	23-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
    13	F/O	417029	Cowie, Bruce	NZ	Burned face and hands	11-Jun-44	12-Jul-44
  3. Richard Lewis

    Richard Lewis Member

    Thanks for the list Dale. Lt Ennals went missing from a patrol at the end of June 1944 and I couldn't find him in the POW lists. Your list solves this little mystery.


  4. sirjahn

    sirjahn Member

    Glad it was of some use. I have since found the name of the Oberstabsarzt that took over in July. Dr. Ernst Enzinger born 13 April 1896.
  5. sirjahn

    sirjahn Member

    What unit was Lt Ennals from? I am trying to identify the units for all the guys at Rennes.
  6. wtid45

    wtid45 Very Senior Member

    This looks like him. and duringWorld War II he served in the Royal Armoured Corps from 1941 to 1945. Commissioned into Reconnaissance Corps in 1942[2] and posted to 3rdReconnaissance Corps.[3] He served in North Africa, Italy and the Rhine Crossing[citation needed]. He failed to return from a night patrol during the Normandy campaign in June 1944[4] and spent several months as a prisoner of war.[5] He was invalided out with the rank of Lieutenant.[6] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Ennals,_Baron_Ennals#Early_life_and_military_career
  7. Richard Lewis

    Richard Lewis Member

    Hello Dale,
    Lt Ennals was with 3rd Reconnaissance Regiment. In Normandy on the night of 28-29 June 1944 he went on patrol with 1st Bn Royal Norfolk Regiment from which he failed to return.

    Whilst looking in the files in The Nation Archive (WO 361/599: North West Europe: Royal Norfolk Regiment; missing personnel) to see if there was any mention of Lt Ennals (there wasn’t) I noted that these two men from 1 NORFOLK, who are on your list, went missing from a patrol on 29-30 June.

    14409752 Pte Schneiderman A
    14592282 Pte Watkins N

    From WO 361/554 (Missing Personnel 3 Recce Regt) is another man on your list:
    4274143 Tpr Brown RS. Missing 27 June 1944. (Rank is Tpr, not Pte as recorded on the list).


  8. sirjahn

    sirjahn Member

    Thanks guys that's just the information I am looking for. :)
  9. brithm

    brithm Senior Member


    If this helps Tpr Peachey is actually Sapper Arthur William Peachey (1875929) 3rd Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers he was captured on D-Day in Troarn after he fell off a jeep heading for Troarn bridge; that is why he had the fractured ribs.

    I believe he passed away in January 2010.

    The Corps of Royal Engineers - Dedication for Spr Arthur William Peachey

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  10. sirjahn

    sirjahn Member

    Thanks that helps fill in the blanks. Every little bit helps.
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  11. idler

    idler GeneralList

  12. Eric Palmer

    Eric Palmer Member

    I was looking for a record of my father who was wounded in Normandy on D-Day and Idler sent me a link to your list of wounded POWs treated at Front-Stalag 221. My father appears second on the list, Pte Palmer C. with a fracture of the right humerus. I have been searching for this information for ages, so am extremely grateful to you. He was posted missing from 6th June till 14th August, when he was located in a U.K. hospital in Liverpool.
    If you have any more info it will be gratefully received. Similarly if you would like any more for your records I'll be happy to supply it.

    Cheers, Eric
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  13. arnhem2280

    arnhem2280 Member

    Musitano was Glider Pilot Regimen. Merryweather was part of Operation Titanic and was a member of 1 SAS. He was captured and later liberated from the hospital. He was awarded the MM for his actions on the operation. All eight members of the team on Titanic were captured and survived the war. Possibly the Germans thought they were members of the Parachute Regiment which is why they did not share the same fate as other SAS men captured in Normandy. Hope this fills in another gap for you.
  14. sirjahn

    sirjahn Member


    Can you verify your father was part of the Company I Parachute Regiment? The hospital was liberated on 4 August and it looks like your father was treated by the US 35th Evacuation hospital until he was sent on to the UK. I am very curious why the UK troops in the hospital at time of liberation were not entered into the 35th Evac, excepting your father. I have the 35th Evac records and no Allied troops show up on their treatment listing of PWs from Rennes. I know that Maj Oxley attempted to keep treating Allied troops in the hosptial after liberation but most of the able bodied troops found their way to the British sector on their own. Here is the extract from the 35th Evacuation Hospital Daily Record dated 7 August 1944

    If you know how he ended up in the hospital I would like to know to add to the story.

  15. Eric Palmer

    Eric Palmer Member

    Hi Dale,

    My father was a private in the 8th Battalion Parachute Regiment, part of the 6th Airborne Division. He was dropped by a C-47A from RAF Blakehill Farm, near Swindon in the UK. Because of errors made by the pathfinders and map reading in the aircraft his flight dropped the stick outside their drop zone DZ K, close to the Bois de Bavent. He recalled a few times that he and a colleague were wandering down a lane lost, when he was shot in the arm and taken prisoner.
    His service record, which I have a copy of merely states that he was missing in action on 6th June, then the next entry on 14th August merely states that he was located in the hospital in Liverpool. So it looks as if it took 7-10 days to get him back to the UK. He went on to make a full recovery and re-joined the Paras in time to be dropped over the Rhine as part of Op Varsity - I hate to think what he must have felt like then!
    Unfortunately I haven't yet been able to pin down how he arrived back in the UK, and to make things more difficult, the hospital closed some years ago and I've not been able to determine if there are any patient records from 1944-45.

    Thanks for the extract from the 35th Evac hospital; I assume the "INF" probably stands for "infirm" or "infantry"?

    I now have rather a lot of info surrounding my father's service time and I'm only very slowly collating and making sense of it all, but if I can provide anything else of interest I will be really happy to do so.

    Cheers, Eric
  16. Eric Palmer

    Eric Palmer Member

    Hi Dale,

    I had a bit of a sleepless night thinking about your mystery as to why my father was the only British soldier listed on the 35th Evac. My only ideas at the moment are firstly, perhaps he was mistakenly listed as American or Canadian, but that seems unlikely since he was suffering from an arm wound and was presumably "with it " enough to communicate. Secondly, did he sweet-talk his way onto the list, just to get out of there (he did have fond memories of some of the nurses!). Thirdly, was he separated from the other British and instead being located on an “American” ward, get swept up in the general movement?

    I’ve done a bit of digging and come up with the following information that may be of use if you have not previously come across it

    American Ex-Prisoners of War: Non Solum Armis, Vol. 3 Hardcover – June 1, 1995 by
    Gardner N Hatch (Author), Turner Publishing (Compiler) - Google Books

    Page 86 – Joseph A. Dahlia:

    “. . . . Evacuated to the 35th Field Hospital and later shipped by plane to the American 111th General Hospital in England, . . . .”

    By this time [since March 44] the 111th General Hospital came under the administrative control of 15th Hosp Centre based in Cirencester. However the 111th was located as described below in a recent 2009 local newspaper cutting:


    “…….. All were administered from what is now Stratton House Hotel, in Cirencester. Other hospitals included the 188th and 192nd US General Hospitals in Cirencester Park, the 111th on the Gloucester Road north of Stratton and the 186th at Fairford.”

    Which, Coincidentally, is only about 10 miles from what was RAF Blakehill Farm from where the D‑Day C‑47s carrying paratroopers took off for Normandy, and where they subsequently returned with casualties. This would possibly have been where his identity was confirmed so that he was then shipped to Liverpool.

    Do you know if any British field hospitals arrived in Rennes at about the same time?

    All the Best, Eric
  17. horsapassenger

    horsapassenger Senior Member

    Captain Douglas Nelson who was one of the 224 Parachute Field Ambulance officers running the Rennes Hospital stated "They (the Americans) arrived on the 4th and took over the hospital on the 5th August. They transferred all patients to a newly erected hospital about 4 miles away - I believe No 35 Evacuation Hospital"
  18. sirjahn

    sirjahn Member


    Most of the wounded Americans were shipped out from the Rennes airfield over a period of days and all were treated and sent on by 13 August when the hospital packed up and moved on. I haven't found any mention of British hospitals coming to pick up the Allied wounded. Rennes was deep in the American sector so it was unlikely that any British hospital would have been set up there.

    I will have to look for that Hatch book.

    My father was flown back to 192nd General Hospital on or about 9 August and was picked up on their rolls then.


    It is interesting that Nelson says they were all transferred to the 35th Evac because all the 35th records I have been able to get do not have them on their rolls. I wonder if there was a separate reporting process for Allied soldiers in US hospitals. Oxley wrote that he attempted to keep the hospital open and keep the wounded PWs there, but others report the hospital was emptied by 11 August. The hospital was then used to treat German PWs from the four local German PW camps.
  19. horsapassenger

    horsapassenger Senior Member


    Indeed Musitano says that he remained behind for a few days with Oxley, acting as a carpenter. He says that they strayed in the hospital until 7th August when the US Provost evacuated them to Carentan where he was handed over to the British Army and "sent to 37 RHU". I think Oxley meant that he kept the POWs at the hospital to prevent them being evacuated by the Germans. He mentions POWs who were otherwise fit remaining in their beds to avoid being transported.
  20. sirjahn

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    Yes the Germans were hot on evacuating Allied PWs especially paratroopers and pilots starting around 26 July 1944. Several PWs report hiding in the basement and outbuildings to avoid the German doctors who were determining who should be evacuated. The French doctor Eugene Marquis and the nurses helped with this conspiracy to keep everyone they could in the hospital.

    What is the 37 RHU and where could I find their records? This could fill the blanks regarding the liberated Allied PWs.

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