Looking for info on Fr Cyril O Mahoney OFM

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    I'm looking for information about my wifes' uncle Fr Cyril O Mahoney OFM, a Franciscan priest, from Limerick, Ireland. I believe he landed in France on DDay. Any information would be appreciated.
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    I've edited your very vague thread title to hopefully attract the attention of those who can help.
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    Than you buckIt, book is due out early 2013, I will check it out.

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    Cyril was from 29 Bishop Street Limerick.
    He was in the RAF as a chaplain. He held the rank of squadron ldr.
    He had a sister who was a Franciscan nun.
    Brothers Brendan, Phonsie, and Anthony.
    Bridie was attached to an order in Dublin.
    My ex wife was his niece.
    He also had a sister Kate.
    He has a nepew on facebook named Jim O' Mahony.

    I'm on facebook as Padraig Moc Ambrois.
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