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    I'm unable to find anything about any of these men... long shot but can anyone help?

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    I think you will find that they are noted as missing at or around the last visits made by IRC to POW camps in German held territory. I would guess that they may not have been processed in quite the same way as others captured in 1944, due to the obvious rapid movement of the front lines and the German need for manpower. I have randomly checked some against the Ancestry database and turned up nothing.

    I assume you have checked them against the CWGC database to see that none died??

    Do you have any idea what the references are on the very right hand side - I assume UK means returned to UK without being a POW as they do not have a date in the 'missing' column, but then there is 'L', 'PW' etc

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    Cheers mate

    They were all captured on 3rd/4th Jan 45 and spent time as pow
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    Their names all appear on Find My Past mostly casualty lists of 1944-45.

    6143229 Bell, W.D.

    1077114 Bentley, C.

    3975347 Crossland, H.

    3657473 Sgt. Dawson, R.

    3606469 Dickinson, W.

    3319199 Docherty, T.

    3389434 Garfin, J.

    7884951 Headland, S.F.

    3663336 Hughes, F.A.

    3913555 L/Cpl. Jones, E.

    5125800 Kendal, A.E.

    6086170 MacQuire, P.J.

    2702020 McLean, J.

    14693289 Nelson, J.L.B.

    14708513 Pope, H.R.

    3607363 Prenton, C.

    5183714 Richards, W.

    14662646 Runciman, G.

    13110503 Taylor, R.H.

    14984252 Thatcher, J.E.

    1076236 Thompson, J.H.

    838762 Cpl. Wetton, F.J.

    11001173 Woolley, W.J.

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    Would it be too much to ask for you to see what info is available on each... I'm a bit cheeky like that
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    Sorry I don't have an acccount myself this was as far as I could get with the names and numbers. Good to know the Service Numbers are correct though. I believe there is little info on the casualty lists.

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    Thanks mate...
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  9. roodymiller

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    Cheers... I'll give it a try
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    Most are listed as missing on the 3rd January 1945 first day of the Battle of Bure except for Nelson missing on the 4th January and Thatcher 24th March 1945. There is a mixed bag it is hard to know who is and isn't a POW for definite because even though they are listed as not missing but found they still might be in German hands.

    6143229 bell, W.D 3.1.45

    1077114 bentley, C. 3.1.45

    3975347 crossland, H. 3.1.45

    3657473 dawson, R. (sgt) Believed POW

    3606469 dickinson, W. Believed POW

    3319199 docherty, T. 3.1.45

    3389434 garfin, J. 3.1.45

    7884951 headland, S.F. 3.1.45 Missing Since located

    3663336 hughes, F.A. 3.1.45

    3913555 jones, E. (l/cpl) 3.1.45 Missing since located

    5125800 kendal, A.E. 3.1.45

    6086170 macquire, P.J. 3.1.45 Wounded POW

    2702020 mclean, J. 3.1.45

    14693289 nelson, J.L.B. 4.1.45 Missing now not

    14708513 pope, H.R. 3.1.45 Missing now not

    3607363 prenton, C. 3.1.45 Missing now not

    5183714 richards, W. 3.1.45 Missing now not

    14662646 runciman, G. 3.1.45 Missing now not

    13110503 taylor, R.H. 3.1.45 POW

    14984252 thatcher, J.E. Missing 24.3.45

    1076236 thompson, J.H. 3.1.45 Missing now not
    838762 wetton, F.J. (cpl) 3.1.45 Missing

    11001173 woolley, W.J. 3.1.45 Missing now not

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