Looking for BMBR. H. L. PARNELL Royal Field Artillery Relatives

Discussion in 'Prewar' started by Drew5233, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Owen

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    Good work Andy!
    A top forum member.
    What a nice end to 2008.
  2. von Poop

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    Wonderful stuff.
    I often let these family history threads alone for a while to allow them to 'mature' before reading - and this one's a blinder.
    Quite splendid stuff and another fine example of the Internet as a positive force.
    Big style thumbs up to all concerned.

  3. mattanderson

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    Many thanks to all of you that have taken the time to research Herbert and also eventually find me and also I am glad I could help out in this amazing chain of history.
    I am happy that the medal is now back "in the family" and look forward to actually seeing it for real when we visit Doreen this year.
    We really appreciate your kind donation of the cheque Andy also.

    Happy New Year to you all
  4. Drew5233

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    Hi Matt,

    Not a problem it was a pleasure from start to finish.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

  5. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    I received a PM today from a new member called Tassos123 who has kindly offered to photograph any graves in the above cemetery for members. PM quoted below. I will of course remove it on receiving any objections.


    Hi my great uncle Walter Westaway was aboard the `MARQUETTE` when she was torpedoed on 23rd October 1915 alas he was drowned and his memorial is at the MIKRA BRITISH CEMETERY, KALAMARIA, i am visiting the cemetery on 6th Oct. this year. Fotunately i`ve managed to collect his service record etc. and my visit next month will be the closing chapter so to speak, if you know of anyone who`s relative is buried there, i would be only too pleased to take photos, regards John Rogers

    Have a good trip John and let Bombardier Parnell know his medal has finally found its way home for me.

  6. eddie chandler

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    I have read this thread too, being that my childhood too was spent in and around Catford. Anyway that is another story.

    The important part of this is the reunion of the medal with the family, absolutely fantastic result. One of the joys of this forum.

    Must say that it feels so rewarding to be able to reunite these medals / items to their families as I have recently found on this forum myself.

    Well done mate and to all the other people who have passed on information that finally helped this medal to be returned.


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