Looking for anyone who might have known Gus Miller AKA SpeedBall he was from Oklahoma

Discussion in 'US Units' started by Shanna Wilson, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. Shanna Wilson

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    I’m looking for anyone that may have served or knows Gus Miller aka Speedball or any of his brothers. Gus is my great uncle. I know he served under oath on and was one of 28 to survive in is regiment.
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    Hi and welcome, well not a lot to go on, so can you please provide ALL that you know about Gus?
    Medals, Service Number, Unit, any photos or letters home?
    Did he serve in Europe or the Pacific?
    Any regiment that only had 28 survivors sounds to have been minced, or do you mean he was only one of 28 original members to survive?
    You also say Gus IS your great uncle which infers he's still alive, but I think that's unlikely, perhaps a case of Nations divided by a common language?
    What were his brothers names, where were they from in Oklahoma?
    Was he Army Navy or Air Force? The more you give the more help you will likely receive.
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    Welcome to the Forum.

    Have you posted your message on the sister site ww2f.com ? I've checked and it looks as though you haven't: could be worthwhile because it focuses more on the USA side of things.

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  5. Shanna Wilson

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  6. Shanna Wilson

    Shanna Wilson New Member

    He was in the Army he started out in Africa and marched to France. He was in France when the war ended. He save two little Italian girls and tried to adopt them but they wouldn’t let him. He had a Purple Heart and he was from a small town called Atoka, Oklahoma. He was the oldest of 13 kids. He was born in 1920. His other 5 brothers were all in the Navy. He could box. That’s really the only things I could find out about him. Also a guy named Orin Cochran was in his regiment and he was from Atoka and he was in the 28 to survive. Hope this helps. His father was in WWI and his brother Carl was on one of the Navy ships bombing Hacksaw Ridge as far as I know.
    Carl Miller
    Preston Miller - He was around for the testing of the atomic bombs.
    Bill G. Miller he boxed and played basketball during his time during the Navy
    Edgar Miller
    Connie Miller
    Any info I could get about any would be appreciated.
  7. Tricky Dicky

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    Hi Shanna

    We have a sister site which is based in North America which will probably be able to help you a lot better that we can, as we are generally more British and Commonwealth sections of WW2.

    Our sister site link is - WWII Forums


    Once you have his details we may be able to help out with the Italy side of things as we have a number of members who are Italian or live there.

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