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    hi all, firstly I must say how helpful I have found this forum to find out information on my grandfathers movements during his service in the R.A.S.C. since I last asked for help I have received all of the documentation of service records and my father recently visited Athens memorial site for a very emotional viewing of face 8 when my grandfathers name is engraved. I need some more help please. I am now looking at retrieving the medals awarded along with a picture of my grandfather in army attire to complement a framed piece to remember him by.
    Can anyone please help? Army number T/17104 sergeant Harold Sidney Charnwood was killed in the evacuation of Greece.
    Very great full for any help?

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    you have the incorrect spelling in your post

    Service No:
    Date of Death:
    Between 26/04/1941 and 27/04/1941
    Royal Army Service Corps
    308 Res. M.T. Coy.
    Panel Reference:
    Face 8.
    Additional Information:
    Son of Cecil Oliver and Laura Charlwood; husband of Kitty Charlwood, of Denver.
    [​IMG]Serjeant Harold Sidney Charlwood ( - 1941) - Find A Grave Photos
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    Medal Office info here - Apply for a veterans badge or a medal: Apply for a medal - GOV.UK

    Sometimes a photo comes back with the service records, but from what you say that has not happened, Perhaps the only way would be to contact and RASC veterans (or similar) website or the museum (if there is one) and see if they hold any photos for the years that he was there.

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    I had a look at the local newspaper archives. Sometimes they include a casualties photograph in any KIA announcement. Couldn't find a photo, but there was this message in the Dover Gazette (assuming this is your grandfather) dated 28th August 1942.

    There was also a road traffic incident in August 1937, that a man with the same name was technically involved with. See attachments:

    Dover Express28:08:42 2.jpg Sheep 1 2.jpg Sheep 2 2.jpg
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    From the Dover Express and East Kent News dated Friday 27th September 1935:

    Wedding 3.jpg
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