Looking for 2/8th Infantry Battalion Families and Friends

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    Hi there (this is my first post),

    My grandfather Norm Knopp was a member of the 2/8th Australian Infantry Battalion, D company, 16th Platoon - Norm is today 97yo and still doing well in his home town of Echuca.

    Anyway, I am writing up his memoirs after we did an "ask me anything" session on reddit (http://www.reddit.co..._who_fought_in/). I think many of you may be interested in Norm's stories. I have also been doing other interviews with him and am reaching out to other 2/8th vets to interview too - they're not easy to find but I spent a great 4 hours with Dick Browne from C Company last Sunday.

    If any of you know of any vets I could get in touch with, I would be grateful for any contact details. I've been going through the online resources and the battalion history book and have spoken to Keith Hill (who is/was the secretary of the Association) about putting the book and records online onto a website so the children, grandchildren and great grand children can read about the history and see the pictures all together.

    As a start, I've created a Facebook Page for the Batallion, https://www.facebook.com/2nd8th which is a good way for those interested to be able to converse easily and share photos etc. I would love for any families, friends or the vets themselves to share stories on the page and would be interested in anything they could provide for the book I am working on with Norm - hopefully it will pay a fitting tribute to all who served in the 2/8th.

    Please be in touch if you can help, the facebook page will likely be the best way to keep in touch.

    All the best,


    p.s. have attached a recoloured picture of Norm with Les Dick and Sam Eaton following their rescue of Don Tucker in January 1945.

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