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  1. Mark Hone

    Mark Hone Senior Member

    Watching the Longest Day on DVD this week reminded me of something that has always puzzled me. Why on earth are groups of Americans shown running up Omaha beach carrying large rubber dinghies? What were they planning to do with them?
    Incidentally one of the 'extras' on the DVD, where Darryl F. Zanuck, the film's producer returns to Normandy for the 25th Anniversary of D-Day, is both interesting and in places unintentionally hilarious. His phoney interview with a French waitress at the Cafe Gondree and his pronunciation of 'Per-gace-us Bridge' have to be seen and heard to be believed. On the other hand, his final piece to camera at the American cemetery is extremely moving.
  2. MalcolmII

    MalcolmII Senior Member

    Just don't mention it to any Canadians though!!

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  3. Mark Hone

    Mark Hone Senior Member

    I presume you mean, Malcolm, that the Canucks are not mentioned at all in 'Longest Day'. A great pity as everyone else gets a pretty fair crack of the whip for once in an American film.
  4. MalcolmII

    MalcolmII Senior Member

    Yes Mark. They had an opportunity to do a 'really good film', but spoiled it by ignoring the Canadian landing altogether. In the end they made a 'good film', but it caused a lot of offence to the Canadian D Day veterans.

  5. Kiwiwriter

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    The Canadians appear ONCE in the whole film...the two guys who parachute into the greenhouse held by the German officer who puts his boots on the wrong way.

    Then they take off.

    But the officer turns up at the end of the film, plugged by Richard Burton, who mets up with Richard Beymer. So this officer, in the wrong boots, walks from the Canadian DZ on the left bank of the Orne, all the way to Ste-Mere Eglise.

    In the wrong boots.

    In one day.

    Riiiiight. o_O

    Oh, and Burton talks about being patched up by a medic with safety pins. The medic who did that, Sgt. Alfred Eigenberg, did so to a buddy on Omaha Beach.

    Which did not hook up with the American airborne on D-Day. :wacko:
  6. canuck

    canuck Token Colonial Patron

    They played this garbage again here this evening. Malcolm is right, it does piss us off. I watched a bit until the Free French Navy appeared. The acting is terrible anyway.

    Bloody hell, upstaged by the token 177 FF commandos and 32 FF paras.
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  7. Steve Mac

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    I don’t recall any scenes of the assault on Gold Beach either. It’s not just the Canadians that were omitted, the 50th (Northumbrian) Division were too.

    Similarly, in a Bridge Too Far...


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  8. SDP

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    Isn't Gold covered by the bit where the sole Luftwaffe plane strafes the beach?
  9. canuck

    canuck Token Colonial Patron

    If you relied on the movie you would be left with the impression that the British contribution to the liberation of Normandy was confined to Peter Lawford and Richard Burton.
  10. Ramiles

    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    Sometimes films get edited / cut for different audiences, or have different soundtracks etc.

    This film feels like the "American version" - so it would be nice to see the Canadian edit and the British one too etc. ;-)

    I hadn't looked into this previously, to see what the intention was here: The Longest Day (film) - Wikipedia

    Its basis being etc. on the work of: Cornelius Ryan - Wikipedia

    It says: "On a trip to Normandy in 1949 Ryan became interested in telling a more complete story of Operation Overlord than had been produced to date. He began compiling information and conducting over 1000 interviews as he gathered stories from both the Allies and the Germans, as well as the French civilians."

    The book: The Longest Day (book) - Wikipedia

    "The book is not a dry military history, but rather a story about people, and reads at times like a novel. It is based on interviews with a cross-section of participants, including U.S., Canadian, British, French and German officers and civilians."

    Currently has this description on Amazon: "Cornelius Ryan tells the story of the hours that preceded and followed H-Hour of D-Day June 6, 1944, when as dawn approached, as paratroopers fought in the hedgerows of Normandy, the greatest armada the world had ever known assembled off the beach -- almost 5000 ships carrying more than 200,000 soldiers. a military This is the story of people: the men of the Allied forces, the enemy and the civilians caught up in the confusion of battle. 700 D-Day survivors were interviewed for the book."

    Some copies (i.e. on Amazon) are practically being "given away" - though, the adverts will probably also ask - too - if you want at the same time to "buy the DVD of the film" ;-)

    Post "post" Edit ;-)
    : for the film, on the wiki (currently) I noticed this: "Unique for British- and American-produced WWII films of the time, all French and German characters speak in their own languages with subtitles in English. Another version, which was shot simultaneously, has all the actors speaking their lines in English (this version was used for the film's trailer, as all the Germans deliver their lines in English). However, this version saw limited use during the initial release. It was used more extensively during a late 1960s re-release of the film" as well as "A colorized version of this film was released on VHS in 1994, the 50th anniversary of the invasion." :unsure:

    I found the casting section, quite interesting to browse through: The Longest Day (film) - Wikipedia

    Whilst for the book: "Cornelius Ryan dedicated his book for all the men of D-Day" - this of course omits the women - many of whom were involved as well.

    Could there be a remake one day? I would suppose so, but these days the tendency, I think, is to make films that focus more on "less".

    Someone like Peter Jackson could turn it in to a "trilogy" though ;-)

    The book wiki has: The Longest Day (book) - Wikipedia

    "Ryan's book is divided into three parts: the first part is titled The Wait, the second part is named The Night and the third part is named The Day."
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  11. SDP

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    .....and John Wayne did the rest.....

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