Locationspot 1473. on the German map WW2 Meijel/Holland.

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  1. gpjeuken

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    Hello all.
    For my research, I need to find location spot 1473 on the German map. (Staf karte)
    The raster is not square, but higher then with. (form)
    It is in the South East of Holland. West side of Meijel/ Neerkant.
    Who can help me with advise, or screenshot.

    Thank you in front, Regards, Gerard.
  2. Bedee

    Bedee Well-Known Member

    First this is not my area, but i know some about maps.
    But could you be a bit more specific.

    As you mention the Squares, we are talking about the known LAGE KARTEN from the germans ?
    Or what maps you mean.
    Location spot 1473 is this on a map or is it mentioned i a document. Is this a German document.

    The more specific the better we can search.
    Could you tell also a specific date or period.
    What is the original name of the Location Point, you see Richard mention it a punkt or reference point.

    A Map from 1939
    711 Panningen Verkend in 1934. Hoogtemeting verricht in 1934. Uitgave 1936.,

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  3. Richard Lewis

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    Hello Gerard,

    I’m not familiar with German maps but I’ve found a map which covers the area from Mapster.

    377 Kaldenkirchen (1:100 000 Karte des Deutschen Reiches (Generalstabskarte)

    Here’s a close up of Meijel and Neekant:

    Meijel — Neerkant.jpg

    This map is on the western edge of the series, I haven’t found any German maps covering the adjoining area i.e. the Netherlands.

    To find a reference point (punkt) I think you need a map template (zielgevierttafel). Read pages 26 & 27 of this: Technical Manual TM 5-248, Foreign Maps, July 1946. It confused me!

    Good luck.

  4. gpjeuken

    gpjeuken Member

    Thank you. ,Bedee and Richard, for your answer, map and links.
    The map of. Richard is exactly the good spot, but about 1910 / 1920 ?
    After the war, an German radio/tankman, wrote about his attack on 28 oct 1944 19.25 time.
    ( Wald bei zielpunkt 1473 )
    ( Forest to proposed spot 1473)

    I guess this are coordinates on the German map (staff karte )

    Part of German attack in the peelmarches. Asten/ Meijel road. 27 till 29 oct 1944.

    Regards and thanks, Gerard.
  5. Richard Lewis

    Richard Lewis Member

    Hello Gerard,

    On the map is the following information:
    Ausgabe von (Edition of) 12.4.1940.
    Berichtigt (corrected) 1926, Letze nachträge (latest corrections) 1939.​

    There is an explanation of how to find a point (punkt) in the bottom right hand corner. But it looks like you need to know which grid square the point is in first.

    Maybe you need the adjoining map in the Netherlands series. Here’s an index to them, but I can’t see the adjoining one on line. 1939-42 kart19620-xthumbnail.jpg


  6. Bedee

    Bedee Well-Known Member


    Because you mention during an attack 1437 could be something else.
    Tankcrew worked in pairs, the Commander and the aimer. To identify an object they can say
    -Main position - Waldrand
    -1437 - 1437 Mils (89 degrees) (direction)
    -1437 - This can also bee the Distance, the Germans had some instruments to measure this.

    So in this case, i would say it is Direction or Distance.... and not a Locationpoint. Totdat het tegendeel bewezen is.

    German maps...., you dont see them that much, The Lage karten from OB West are not usefull because of the scale.
  7. Bedee

    Bedee Well-Known Member


    Will this make sence ? Direction or Distance ?
  8. gpjeuken

    gpjeuken Member

    Thank you Bedee, for your idea and attention.
    I see an Dutch centence, are you Dutch, as me ?

    Not distance, but direction, can be about 89 /90 degrees to the West ? Is matching.

    I have an German map, from this place, from an German after action report.
    But there are no raster numbers. Only one photo.I tried to uploade, but is saying too much m. bite.
    I have to find out, how to go on. Gerard.
  9. gpjeuken

    gpjeuken Member

    Ja, nu zie Ik het, jij bestudeert Duivelsberg, bij Nijmegen ?
    Als Ik een mailadres heb stuur Ik die Duitse map met de mail.

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