Location of war diaries Noshera and Thal Brigades

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  1. Where could be war diaries of Noshera and Landikotal brigades???
    Landikotal Brigade was dissolved as per wiki in 1945 in British Indian Army Northwest Frontier . Same fate met by Thal brigade. No record of Noshera Brigade.
    Please help
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    It should be Nowshera Brigade.
    A lot of Indian Army Records are in the India Office Collection at the British Library in London - however it was necessary to consult paper catalogues as they were not digitized last time I used the material
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  4. This is what I have found so far. Just a clarification what should I be expecting in WO 191/52 ? Entire documentation of 1930-31? Just one page? Is it only one document available with the archives on Noshera Brigade when it was raised as early as 1903 on Orbat of 1st Peshawar Division? One last thing....where can I hire a person to help me in finding the records from archives?

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  5. Hmmmm......as I hypothesize. But I need to prove it that Thal and Landikotal Frontier Brigades were amalgamated in 2 (Noshera) brigade .. There must be an Order disbanding Landi Kotal and Thal brigade....
  6. Thanx Kyle...can I lodge a request to the archives to find disbanding dates / eventual fate of these three brigades?
  7. A lead I got from a friend which may give some clue...and suggestions are invited please
    Signed 2 May 1944 by Lt Col G.S
    No. 706/65/G
    HQ Kohat District

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    I can look at the file for you in the next week if you would like me to - send me a message to explain exactly what you want


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