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    Hi pals
    I am researching for my website Lt. R.J. Ashworth, k.i.a. 10 October 1943. He is buried in Naples War Cemetery, Grave III. R. 18., but was re-buried there on 1st November 1944.
    CWGC Records show he was previously buried at "19 GRT" - does anyone know where that location might be?
    Many thanks for looking

    Lieutenant Robert John Ashworth | War Casualty Details 277983 | CWGC
    Service Number: 277983
    Regiment & Unit: Royal Sussex Regiment attd. 1/7th Bn. The Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey)
    Date of Death: Died 10 October 1943
    Age 21 years old
    Buried or commemorated at NAPLES WAR CEMETERY
    Grave Reference: III. R. 18.
    Location: Italy
    Additional Info: Son of Handley and Hilda Ashworth, of Timperley, Cheshire.
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    Hello Graham,

    I appears to me to read '19/GR?' The line below for Cpl Clark has a fuller Graves Registration reference number. Unfortunately these records I believe have long disappeared. Sometimes the report form lists a grid reference and a map which would make finding the location easy, not in this case unluckily.

  3. GrahamC

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    Many thanks Richard for your prompt reply. Looking at the notation again I think you are right - it is a '?' not a 'T'.
    Lt. Ashworth died in an action to cross the Volturno River. He was probably buried near the Regt. Aid Post, before his Bn. withdrew.
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    Back again .... just come across another casualty of the 1/7th West Surrey Regiment, Pt. Charles Henry Hussey, who was killed in action on 15th October 1943. He was originally buried at Grazzanise Military Cemetery before being reburied on the 27th October 1944 at Naples Military Cemetery.
    Just a thought, but maybe the GR reference on Lt. Ashworth's entry refers to this Cemetery.
    Grazzanise is very close to the Volturno River.
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    Sorry Graham,but Richard is right its a report reference not a location and not an abreviation for a particular cemetery . GR is "Graves Registration" the question mark seems to imply the numbered reference of the document is/was unknown.

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    Tony - Many thanks for all of this, quite amazing sources, which I will certainly be using on my website, with your permission.
    Kyle - was a bit too much to hope for that GR meant a place, although the locations are still close.
    Thanks again for all the help
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    Graham - not mine to give
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    Hi Graham,

    My great uncle, David Walshe also served with the 1/7 Queens and was killed on the night of 12/13 October 1943 during the operation to cross the Volturno River. I have a letter from his commander stating that he was buried in Grazzanise immediately after he was killed. He was later reinterred in the Minturno War Cemetery. I hope this helps.
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