Location 11 Convalescent Depot, Italy 1944

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    Can anyone help me with the location of the above facility?

    I have my uncles service record which shows he was discharged to 11 Con Depot on 17th May 1944 from 76 General Hospital which I have discovered was at Trani, near Bari.


    Steve Y
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    There appear to be 2 diaries at Kew covering the depot

    WO177/2580 1943 - 1945

    WO222/1067 Oct 43 to June 45 Reports & returns

    Hopefully it should contain a record of its location. I have a number of diaries for CCS and General Hospitals and they make interesting and sometimes sad reading especially where they relate to major battles. It would be interesting to know what a Convalescent Depot typically recorded.

    My father was in Bari during April 44 although fortunately 'on leave'.

    Good luck
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