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    Looks like the 'Niners and the Raiders are tossing a coin to see who picks first (between the two) in the draft.
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    (Gotthard Heinrici @ Feb 15 2006, 09:02 AM) [post=45971]Looks like the 'Niners and the Raiders are tossing a coin to see who picks first (between the two) in the draft.
    Maybe they ought to merge. They are just about 15 miles or so apart. Let Al Davis own it and Bill Walsh coach it. They call themselves the Forty Raiders.
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    Diesel locomotives were not rationed, but the railroads were denied them. The B&O ordered diesel locomotives but the War Production Board Said no and instead they got their famous EM1 Class 2-8-8-4 yellowstone class steamers
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    American football is boring to watch, you run for 6 seconds and then you stop. Football on the other hand, is a continuous game, where you have to be at the top of your endurance to play professionally.
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    During the war we in America couldn't buy shoes without a "shoe stamp", couldn't get tires, sugar, meat and alot of other stuff with out a government stamp. We had blackouts where the whole city was dark and they lasted for a while. If you went to the movies, the show would stop and the war news would be shown. I had two brothers, three cousins and alot of friends in the service. Care packages were fixed up by our church and alot of business owners and sent to our boys over saes. We
    had no television, but friends and neighbors would all set around the radio and listen
    to any word about our servicemen and hang on any speech by our President. People
    were kind to each other and women put on mens pants and went to work. All the talk was about the war, kids played war games with home made wooden guns at school.
    Those times are gone, our country is so divided now.

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