Lieutenant Peter William Hunt 369318 (Int. Corps) - facial images required

Discussion in 'War Grave Photographs' started by bucklt, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. bucklt

    bucklt Bucklt

    In support of an impending inauguration ceremony, I am looking for an image of this man:

    Lieutenant Peter William Hunt

    Intelligence Corps (and other regiments)
    Born; 18-5-1926 in Belfast
    Died (result of ambush); 29-4-1952 Taiping area - Malaysia

    Married Francis in Singapore 31-1-52
    Medals sold at auction May 2016​

    Facial images (NOT of grave etc) can be of any size, individual, groups etc.

    Thanks In Anticipation,

    Tony Buckley :poppy:
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  2. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Re member

    Hi Tony

    Have sent 2 messages within Ancestry to those who have created trees that include Peter and asked if they have any photos or images of him.
    Will let you know if they come up with anything

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  3. bucklt

    bucklt Bucklt

    Much appreciated TD - fingers crossed!

    Tony Buckley :poppy:
  4. Jedburgh22

    Jedburgh22 Very Senior Member

    Try the archivist at the Int Corps Museum
  5. bucklt

    bucklt Bucklt

    Thanks Jedburgh - in progress as we speak!
  6. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Re member

    Hi Tony

    1 reply today from one of the mesages I sent:

    I'm sorry I can't help with a photo as I know so little about Peter Hunt other than the fact he married my great aunt Cleo Birkinshaw. I only know that she died in 2011

    Still 1 to go fingers crossed
  7. Mr Jinks

    Mr Jinks Bit of a Cad

    No photo yet but from
    Intelligence Corps - The Soldier Behind the Medals
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  8. bucklt

    bucklt Bucklt

    Thanks for update TD - appreciated as always.
    p.s. I suspect that, if such images do exist, they may have been taken - group-shots - during his time in Austria, Palestine, India or Malaysia.

    Tony Buckley :poppy:
  9. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Re member

    Hi Tony

    Have received the second response which moves us no further forward in respect of having a photo of him, however I will paste the answer for information

    Thank you for contacting me. I am very sorry that we seem unable to assist in your quest. I think that my Aunt Cleo met Peter whilst at university in Oxford. After graduating she spent some time in Europe, mostly Sweden. I recall that she had a considerable stack of letters which Peter had sent her. She left Europe aboard a troop ship bound for Singapore early in 1952 and shortly after her arrival was married. Peter was serving as a captain in the Intelligence Corps. He was killed on 29 April 1952. Peter's parents, and possibly Peter himself, were living in Nettlestead, Kent. Very much a long shot but I wonder whether a local newspaper might have carried a report of his death, perhaps even with a photograph. I regret that I am unable to assist. Good luck with your quest.


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