Liberation of Stalag X1A Altengrabow

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    My late father Lance Bombardier Arthur Sidney Paxton 1454247, Royal Artillery 88th Regiment, battery 282 HAA, was captured at Tobruk in June 1942. After being held as a POW in Italy he eventually ended up in Stalag X1A in August 1944. I have got copies of his military service record and the ICRC POW record but there is an anomaly with the dates.
    Does anyone have any idea why his repatriation date to the UK was the 19th April 1945 when records show that the camp, which was behind enemy lines, was not liberated until the beginning of May?
    Also does anyone have any details of the route/process that POWs went through when they were actually repatriated to the UK from Germany?
    Many thanks.

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