Leslie Victor George Chapman, RAF

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    hi im trying to research my grandfather leslie victor george chapman. he served in the raf in ww2 and i have a service no of 1850230 i believe he was in 160 squadron for a time but don't know anymore. many thanks
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    The first step in learning more is to apply to the MoD for his Service records, making sure you ask for everything they have on him. Costs £30 but that's the only way you'll know for sure.
    Presumably he survived, so what else do you have about him? Photos, letters, medals, reminiscences he may have told you stories about etc?
    Where did he live, when did he die (presumably?).
    When you get his Service Records, you will need help in deciphering the abbreviations and acronyms, and there are plenty of people here who can help flesh out the bare bones for you.

    There's a LVG Chapman born 30 October 1924, parents George E and Ada E with a sister, shown as Margaret then crossed through as Barbara with married name of Rawlings. Address 11, Cardwell Crescent, Oxford. Occupation (at 15!) template worker (pressed?) and as his father was a coach painter (motor) presumably in a nearby car factory.
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    hi thanks for reply. yeah thats him. he died when i was only 3 so never had any story from him. he lived oxford all his life and died in 1991. i have no medals just a photo of him next to a liberator bomber. thanks
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    England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007
    Name: Leslie Victor G Chapman
    Death Age: 66
    Birth Date: 30 Oct 1924
    Registration Date: May 1991
    Registration district: Oxford
    Inferred County: Oxfordshire
    Volume: 20
    Page: 2533


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