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    I am looking for some help with finalising my research on my wifes Grandfather Mr Margrave. He was a Driver and served from 1932 to 35 then re joined in 1939 to demob in 1946. He served mainly with the following units during WW2, 5th Inniskillin Dragoon Guards, the Royal Army Service Corps Labour Section, No1 Railway Company, Cavalry of the Line and North Somerset Yeomanry. In Sept 1941 this was absorbed into the Royal Armoured Corps. In July 1942 he was transferred to the Royal Corps of Signals where he worked within 4Air Formation Signals, 4 Wireless and Telegraph Group, D Construction Group, 14 Air Formation Signals, Depot Battalion and 38 Divisiojal Signals before being discharged. This is a potted history I can provide more specifi dates.

    My question is in regars to a MID he had on his 1939-45 War Medal, he disclosed to me as a former serviceman that he got it for driving a vehicle off a bridge in the UK whilst a UXB was being defused. Unfortunatley there is no record in his service summary and as such my next avenue is to visit Kew and the IWM to start trawling the war diaries. I have however been advised that there is a book called Honout those Mentioned this is not stored in my local library I would therefore be grateful if any one has a copy of Army volume 2 M-Z if they could have a look and see if he is in the book and what unit he was serving in when he received it. This will enable me to narrow my search time dramatically and put the mystery to bed for the family who had no idea of what he did during the war and they thought it was just part of the medal award.

    Thank you in advance on behalf of Mr Margraves family.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum Spence154. Just a thought do you have his army records? Always useful if you have.
    Good luck with your research
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    Lotus 7 thank you for the welcome. Yes I have his service record summary which gives dates and units. Unfortunately he did not indicate when he was awarded the MID. But I am hazarding a guess it is in the latter part as he served in Africa, and Italy and Palestine. My quiery is to try and narrow my search parameters somewhat. I have been to the RSC museum and they could not help much. So trying all other avenues. Regards

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