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    Knowing that I have a very keen interest in all things related to World War 2, my Nan has given me a few bits and bobs which belonged to my Grandad, who served in the RA during the this time. One of the items was a RMA badge which was given to him (during the siege) by my Nan's brother, Lesley Austin, who actually introduced the two by asking if my Nan would mind writing to his new mate - my future Grandad!

    Anyway, I know fair bit about what my Grandad got up to during the war, but having received this item and hearing the story behind it I wondered whether it would be possible to find out a little more about Lesley's experiences during the war. He was a regular pre-war soldier in the Army and I'm told he spent some time out in Palestine with the Royal West Kents. He ended up in the RMA as he left the British Army and moved to Malta to marry a local girl. However, wanting to play his part during the siege of Malta he went to re-enlist, joining the RMA as a 'local'.

    I know you can request service records from the MoD for those that served in the forces; would the same apply for members of the RMA?


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    Try the Royal Malta Artillery Association their address is c/o/ the Royal British Legion, 111 Melita Street, Valletta. Tel: 228512.
    They may have some information or be able to put your request in their next newsletter.

    Also try the National Archieve and see if they hold the war diaries for the RMA
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    Thanks for the useful pointers Oldman; that should definately be enough to get the ball rolling.

    All the best,

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    You might like to follow the daily diary of events in Malta 'on this day' 70 years ago at the website maltagc70.com.
    The war in Malta now enters its critical phase, as the Island becomes the most bombed place on earth. The diary is taken from official wartime documents including War Diaries and personal memoirs. You can sign up for daily updates direct to your email.
    MaltaGC70 is a voluntary, non-profitmaking venture set up to mark 70th anniversary of the award of the George Cross, to be commemorated in the UK and Malta on 15 April 2012.
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    I'm already signed up to it! It's a brillaint website; to get a daily summary of events is extremely interesting and massively useful for those of us that had relatives on the Island during this time and/or for those with an interest in the Siege of Malta during the Second World War. It really drives it home just how hard it must have been for all the Islands residents, whether they be Civilian or Military. A great piece of work and congrats to all those involved in setting up the website.

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