Leonard John Mileham

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    GSE, the chap named above was my wife's late father. He served in the army in WW2 but his name doesn't appear anywhere in ancestry. Is this a common occurrence? He was born in 1921 on Stratford East London
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    You mean this guy

    England & Wales, Civil Registration Birth Index, 1916-2005
    Name: Leonard J Mileham
    Mother's Maiden Surname: McDonall
    Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1920
    Registration district: West Ham
    Inferred County: Suffolk
    Volume Number: 4a
    Page Number: 53

    Yes the county is incorrect but what do you expect when the transcription has been done by isolated Mormons in Salt Lake City.
    By the way, Solihull, where I was born is apparently in Yorkshire !!:omg:

    England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007
    Name: Leonard J Mileham
    Birth Date: abt 1920
    Date of Registration: Sep 1967
    Age at Death: 47
    Registration district: Braintree
    Inferred County: Essex
    Volume: 4a
    Page: 337

    Was he married twice? - 1946 Miss Lee, and 1955 Miss Cooper

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    Cheers mate, that's him and for what it's worth, they are right, he was in fact born in Braintree. It's the wife's mum, Gladys Cooper that was born in Stratford.. Silly me. Any idea why he wouldn't be in ancestry's military records? Mind you, neither is my dad either
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    Normally they will only appear in the military sections if:

    1. They were in WW1 and records still exist (service records could have been 'burnt' in 1940 air raid)

    2. They won medals in conflicts prior to WW1 (ie Boer War etc)

    3. If WW2 they need to have been killed, taken prisoner, or awarded a 'major' medal to be noted in the Ancestry records. All military service records for WW2 and beyond are retained by MOD as you probably know.

    I have several times suggested records that they [Ancestry] should upload/transcribe, but like most of these companies its profits at the end of the day that counts, not customer satisfaction :omg:

    My Dads not in the military sections either - just for information


    edited to add:
    Further to 3 above - they only cover POW's in NW Europe (i.e held under German system) up to about Dec 1944, the POW lists for Italy and Japan are NOT transcribed into the Ancestry system.
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    Just noted that there is a family tree (public) on Ancestry that includes him, although I am not sure if his marriage is correct, you may need to take a look and correct if necessary:
    BIRTH 1920 • West Ham, Suffolk
    DEATH SEP 1967 • Braintree, Essex, England


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