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    It seems that Sir Trafford was a bit of a "Controversial" member of The Allies.?
    This is not to disparage anybody, i am just curious.

    Wikipedia suggests that his death may have been caused, in part, by his own his own haste or poor judgement.
    Was their ever a definitive judgement about that air-crash.?
    Was it a bad decision, that others might not have made....... could the flight have easily been postponed.?
    Thank You
  2. I have read that his pilot recommended against flying given the circumstances. There is a very detailed article in "After the Battle" magazine, very worthwhile reading.

    Most of the controversy I'm aware of surrounded his political manoeuvring which supported by his allies managed to oust Sir Hugh Dowding from his position after he'd done a very good job for Britain.

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    Aahhhhh... OK.
    Per usual, great info.
    Thank You :)

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