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    Steve mac

    "why was there no bridging equipment" at Mareth ? ever consider that Monty might NOT have had any ? - as I recall the FIRST Bailey bridge was built in North Africa - I have forgotten when but it could have been in early '43 - the ONLY FOUR 17 pounders were used at Medenine - then shipped back to the Uk for a new platform- but 8th army did have some baling wire and string at that time to keep the tanks going

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    The first Bailey Bridge built in a theatre of operations was indeed assembled in N Africa, by 1st Army, in November 1942. I would have thought that it would therefore have been available to the 8th Army in March 1943, but maybe not. If they were available to 8th Army at the time then it is very sad that they weren't used.

    That bailing wire and string was all used up by 50 Div at Wadi Zig Zag, fascines I think they call them. :)


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    Steve Mac -
    Don't think 8th Army ever ran out of baling wire as this was the root cause of 5th Canadian AD point blank refusing to take on their vehicles after 7th AD left and 5th had just arrived -so they sat still until they had 150 Shermans shipped in from the Uk- made them very popular with Monty- we never heard of the 17 pounders again until Sicily when a Canadian AT unit landed with them -then the careless B****** lost them all at Cassino so it was back to the 6 pounder once more ...until near the end
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    Fwiw, the Army Records Office's glossary of terms says that LIAP is "Leave in Addition to Python" rather than "... in Advance of..."
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    A couple of unofficial abbreviations:

    LIDAD - Leave incorrectly described as duty. Unofficial abbreviation ascribed to those officers who had a claim on a vehicle and an excuse for paying visits.

    LOLLIPOP - Lots of local leave in place of Python.

    (Source: Straight on for Tokyo by Lt-Col OGW White, 1948)
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