Le Regiment La Chaudiere April 1945

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    Le Regiment de La Chaudiere Le Regiment de la Chaudiere
    Le Regiment de La Chaudiere Le Geste Du Regiment De La Chaudiere

    I have the War Diary of that month, but it is brief about their actions and route. I wonder if anyone might have any of the above books, and if they hold some more information or any maps?

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    Looking through previous threads three members stand out: dryan67, stolpi and Buteman. Might be worth a PM to them.
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    I have a copy of the following regimental history:

    Castonguary, Jacques and Ross, Armand. Le Regiment de la Chaudiere. Beauceville, Quebec: Imprimerie L'Eclaireur, 1983.

    It is in French. I will start a conversation with you and send you a link to download the section on April 1945. There are a number of photos and one map.
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