Le Paradis Massacre 26 May 1940

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    My interest in the above is in research into the events leading up to and after the massacre - well documented in Private Pulley's Revenge and Richard Lake's Last Stand at Le Paradis. With a French friend who grew up Le Paradis and whose family has been there for generations has been documenting the event through her family, friends in the village and national archives and many other sources. She has amassed much information both written and in film shot by herself as well as collected. Most of the work has ben done on her own and the end result should be a small documentary so that what went on in her village will never be forgotten. I have attended Le Pelegrinage at Le Paradis twice - 2010, 2011. We have encouraged some Royal Scots to attend and hope 2 RN veterans or relatives will also attend. We would appreciate any new help anyone can provide on events in the village. My late father and brother were Royal Scots. This is a very serious request new information would be much appreciated. My interest is for family connections in the RS, RN and for my friends in Le Paradis. Thank you.
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    Do a search on here and you will find at least 1 other thread.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    As Kate has suggested I have done a bit of research (not near enough) to attempt to tell the full story (as much as possible) to sit alongside the Wormhoudt Massacre thread on here. I pretty much have all the massacre information but I'm severly lacking in the battle prior to the massacre.

    You seem to have the two main publications on the incident and if you have copies of the files at the National Archives you pretty much have everything I have. There are two forum members on here that are closely related to the two survivors-O'Callaghan and Pooley that may wish to contribute, although one of them only contacted me directly.

    Keep us posted :)
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    Not meaning to be rude Chippy but I get cross when my sir name is misspelt
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    Not meaning to be rude Chippy but I get cross when my sir name is misspelt

    shouldn't that be surname? ;)
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    my mistake, long day, hard week, knackered!
    Does anyone have the documentary of this on video?
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    I have just found a potential contact for you in France.

    Duquenne Transports, sp├ęcialiste du transport de marchandises en vrac et aliments pour animaux, 62 is the company owned by the family that helped Private William O'Callaghan and Private Albert Pooley after the massacre. The family still live in the house used as the HQ where the Company surrendered to the Germans.

    I suspect you should be able to email them from that website but they don't speak English as I discovered when I met them a few years ago.
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    Hi Chipperwillie & Drew5233,

    Here is a website ( 3050936 Cpl Donald Graham, 1st Battalion, The Royal Scots. ) I have dedicated to the memory of my uncle 3050936 Cpl. Donald Graham who, with some of his Royal Scot comrades, was massacred at Le Paradis and is now buried in the cemetery there.

    There is some comprehensive information on the site which may be helpful to you, feel free to use it and if you could provide any additional information I would be grateful. If as you seem to suggest, Chippy, there is a documentary of the event, could you provide details , as I would be interested in obtaining a copy
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    ATB published an indepth account of the Le Paradis incident quite a number of years ago.

    Pte Pooley's account, "Revenge" which was privately published went out of print many years ago as far as I can ascertain.

    If I remember correctly there used to be a sign to the Le Paradis site off the Bethune to Estaires D 945 road.

    The perpretator never thought he would be brought to book...that's the blind confidence that was indoctrinated into him and his like at places such as Bad Tolz.

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