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    Does anyone have a list of which LCTs landed at Gold Beach? My father was the skipper of LCT 737. I'm pretty sure he went into Gold Beach. He also skippered the same craft in Infatuate 2 at Walcheren.
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    Forum member Mike (Trux) is your man for answers. I have sent him a private message to alert him to your query.

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    David (and Lesley).

    I am sorry to disappoint you but I searched my files this morning and I do not have the pennant numbers for the LCTs on Gold. I have only the LTIN numbers. These are the numbers used on the landing tables and relate to craft loads rather than to a particular craft. I can confirm that 737 was assigned to Gold but cannot identify its role.

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    a start perhaps - HMS LCT 737 (LCT 737) of the Royal Navy - British Landing Craft Tank of the LCT (Mk 4) class - Allied Warships of WWII -


    HMS Blackwood, Mourne, Sickle, Elba Landings killed and died, also other RN casualties June 1944
    GEE, Brian G H, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNZNVR (on books of Copra), second-in-command of LCT.737 serving off Normandy beaches. Crushed between two LCT's during storm on 19 June, and taken to US medical facility, but DOI (with thanks to David Clements, whose father was in command of LCT.737)
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  5. Hello David,

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    On D Day LCT(4) 737 was one of the twelve craft in 53 LCT Flotilla, "D" LCT Squadron, assigned to Assault Group "G" 1. I do not know what her Serial or LTIN was, but since at least three other craft in her flotilla have been identified as belonging to the LTIN block 2160 to 2169, she stands a good chance to also belong to that same block. She therefore possibly carried one of LTINs 2160 to 2162 or 2166 to 2169.
    For detailed loads see Trux' post GOLD BEACH.

    LCT 737 on 5 May 1944 during Exercise FABIUS II:
    LCT 737 during Ex FABIUS II, 4 May 44 - A70 14-7 06.54 [Walter].jpg

    between 06:34-07:06

    During the Westkapelle landings LCT 737 was part of 20 LCT Flotilla, "N" Squadron, was code named "BRAMBLE" and was assigned the Serial 5.
    IWM B11630:
    B_011630 - Story of 79 AD p164.jpg



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    Thanks all for your responses. It's good to know that there is a lot of knowledge and expertise out there. Following on from Tricky Dicky's post, Brian Gee's CWGC entry had him shown as belonging to HMS Copra, the admin base. From my father's letters, I knew that Brian had been injured on 737 and died in a US hospital in Normandy. Fortunately, I was able to convince the CWGC to change his entry, so it could be seen that he died on active service.

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