LCS(L) gunboats

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    Perhaps ??

    UK, Naval Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1972
    Name: J Gaffney
    Medal or Award: Reserve Long Service Medal
    Service Year: 1938-1949


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    nice one TD could possibly be
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  4. nemo

    Thanks, but... this pic was posted by Arty back in 2013 in Post #12 in this very thread:
    LCS(L) gunboats

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    Oops! my bad. Haven't looked at the thread in a long while... seems the IWM has been wrung dry as a source of information for the LCS(L)s, although I've been in touch with them and they should hopefully digitise the oral history by William Herbert Cheeney of LCS(L) 257 soon.
    Cheeney, William Herbert (Oral history)
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    Doesn't time fly....

    Yep, if you look real closely you'll see that these three craft are indeed all LCS(L) Mk2 (the distinguishing feature being the Valentine turret). These are, in fact, all three of the LCS in Force S in one happy snap - pennant numbers 253, 256 & 260...


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