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    Hello Mark and Danny

    Back from travels/
    I've made a decent quality copy of LCI(s) 534 from the original film.
    Still to come very soon : crew list and perhaps a few other shots of LCI(s) from HMS Largs

    Best Regards


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    Hello again

    I should have added that practically all the craft in this sequence, a panned shot, are identifiable:
    LCI(s) 523, LCI(s) 527 and their respective LCA flotillas (8 plus 6 =14), Maid of Orleans which carried half of 4 Commando, perhaps Prinses Astrid which carried the other half.
    Also, very probably, 41st LCT Flotilla steaming past in the distance. The times correspond and one of the cameramen sailing with this Flotilla, Sgt Desmond O'Neill, also filmed some of the 4 Commando LCAs in heavy seas and the Maid of Orleans close by. I'll put this information together in my next post in more detail.

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    Brilliant info please keep it coming the connection to walcheren is also of interest as well as more detail on LCI 534 duties as despatch vessel.

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    Hope you had a good trip. Any news on the doc you reference? Walcheren info seems to have gone cold.


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    I’m presently continuing with research on my Grandfather’s (Ronald Hughes McCarthy) participation in Operation Neptune and Operation Infatuate so as I can pursue further reading of those operations in which he was involved in. I’m continuing from where my Uncle left off back in 2019. I’ve been reviewing the fantastic and insightful information that has been provided by the many contributors in this forum and thread (in particular DannyM and ddaycolin), but I am still seeking to glean any further information that I can if I can.

    From Granddad’s Certificate of Service, I read that he was allocated to Combined Operations, as C.O Personnel, Able Seaman, from 1 September 1943 through to 30 June 1946; please find attached.

    During Operation Neptune, he served on LCI(S) 534, which was part of 201 Flotilla. It was my understanding that during Operation Neptune the orders were for LCI(S) 534 to stand-by Force ‘S’ HQ Ship HMS Largs off Sword Beach, for duties as the Despatch Boat on D-Day, as indicated on the extract from a crew list documenting the names of officers and crewmen deployed on LCI(S) 534, which I believe was written up by LCI(s) archivist Les Jordan (Cox'n LCI(S) 530).

    I have read that ‘201 Flotilla was to report to HMS Largs where two would be detailed to each of HMS Dacres, HMS Goathland and HMS Locust for despatch duties. The remainder would be retained at HMS Largs. Some would be required later as Headquarters Craft for Senior Office Ferry Craft and Ferry Squadron Commander’. I have also read that ‘LCI(S) 534 was in Normandy for 35 days and returned to HMS Tormentor twice in this period’, which I believe was a shore establishment of the British Royal Navy during World War II, based near Warsash, on the River Hamble.

    Contrary to the above, having read and referencing the Admiralty’s “Green List” of Landing Craft, Ships and Barges, corrected to A.M 5 June 1944, the document indicates that LCI(S) 534 was in the 4th wave of the assault phase on Juno beach.

    I've since been scratching my head, reviewing online forums, records and landing tables relating to both Sword and Juno Beaches to try to confirm the attachment of his craft. In another thread on this forum, there is a reference to pg 1067 of Force S Orders that the Force S Ferry Unit would be “augmented by… Available LCI(L) and LCI(S)”. The LCI(S) of 200 Flotilla were to head to the area Gold area while those of 201 Flotilla were to remain in the Sword area.

    Could anyone suggest as to where to find a copy of the Force S Orders, or what other documents would confirm details on the attachment of LCI(S) 534, it's role as a dispatch vessel or assault group and the landing craft’s duties and movements during the assault and post-assault at Normandy?

    Any further information, photographs or film to help me fill in the gaps of my Grandfather’s service would be very much appreciated.


    Paul McCarthy

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    Hi Paul,

    The May 29th Green List also places all the LCI (S) in Force J4, but I wouldn't read too much into this. There are 39 listed in Force J4 as the Support Sqn: of these 26 definitely went to Sword, 24 with troops and 2 reserve (salvage and hospital duties). The reports filed later list these vessels and state that they were all from 200 and 201 Flotillas (but there are two that, according to the Green List, came from 202 Flotilla). Eight LCI (S) carried troops to Juno, all from 202 Flotilla. Looking through the embarkation orders for Force S and Force J, 534 does not appear and nor does she appear in Force S reports. She does not appear on the separate berthing list here either: LANDING CRAFT COLOURS FOR D-DAY.. I don't have an LCI (L) report from Juno so it's possible that they too took some reserve boats with them, but had they done so, I'd expect them to be on the berthing list.

    One list I have does say 534 was to stand by the HQ ship, although it doesn't say which one! However, as she was to have a green strip, this suggests Force S and Largs. In the absence of any contradictory info in the Force S and J orders and the Force S reports, I'd be inclined to agree with this.

    Hope this helps,
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    Hi Stephen,

    Many thanks for taking the time to write and reply to my inquiry. It certainly does help.

    Do you know as to where to find I can obtain a copy of the Force S Orders and reports?

    In addition, the photo of my Granddad and crewmates, as previously posted in this thread (#8), the pennant number of the craft shows LCI(S) 2534. I have read that the number ‘2’ was added to the pennant numbers in early 1945, just curious to know why was this?



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