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    trying to find a bit out about my wife's grandfather's service in WW2. I worked with Jim until he retired and asked me as he was retiring and could I give his grand daughter a lift to work as we all lived in the same village.35 years later.. thanks Jim.
    All I know is his name and he served in the Royal West Kent regiment. I think he got to Germany. As far as we know any service paperwork was probably lost when he got divorced 40 years ago. When he died his two daughters split his 4 medals. Mother in Law has the 39-45 star and defence medals. her sister has the other two, Im thinking possibly F&G star and war medal. the sister wont reunite and the pair have gone further down the line to her grandson.
    I cant find any info on FMP or FWR or Ancestry so until mother in law sends off for his records Im looking for some help.
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    Request records of deceased service personnel

    Anyone can apply for service records - ot does not have to be next of kin - you may not receive the full records but enough to start answering your questions, so thats where I would go to first as you need to know which units he was with and when, its quite possible in those days that he might have enlisted in RWK but could have been transferred as a reinforcement to one of many other Regiments


    You will need a copy of this
    England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007
    Name: Laurence James Hatt
    Death Age: 78
    Birth Date: 8 Dec 1916
    Registration Date: Jul 1995
    Registration district: Bath
    Inferred County: Avon
    Register Number: C52C
    District and Subdistrict: 3001C

    This is for MOD's data protection stuff, and to cover their rear ends etc
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    1939 Register
    Name: Laurence James Hatt. Married. Birth Date: 8 Dec 1916. Wife: Jessie Grace Hatt born 31 Jan 1919.
    Address: 2 Orchard Leaze, Calne and Chippenham, Wiltshire. Occupation: General Labourer. No children at that time (only married a year)
    Laurence J Hatt. Marriage Registration Date: Jul-Aug-Sep 1938
    Registration district: Bridge, Kent. Spouse: Jessie G Taylor
    Volume Number: 2a. Page Number: 4053
    You'll know the address in Melksham where he died.
    Name: Laurence J Hatt. Birth Registration Date: 1917. Registration district. Chippenham, Wiltshire
    Mother's Maiden Name: Hillier. Volume Number: 5a Page Number: 101

    If his father had the same names (but known as Harry) then in 1926 Electoral Roll they were living in Eagle Mansions, Salcombe Road, London N16 (Hackney/Stoke Newington)

    This may be a relative
    HATT, ALBERT. Rifleman. Service Number R/16116
    Died 20/09/1917. 11th Bn. King's Royal Rifle Corps
    (No family Additional Information, but Albert Alfred was Harry Hatt's brother)
    Commemorated at TYNE COT MEMORIAL Panel 115 to 119 and 162A and 163A.
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    thanks for the replies, the Harry and Albert are no relations that we know of. MIL is back now and will see what we can find out.
    now got two of the medals 39-45 star and defence, so think as there were four should be F&G star and BWM to add.
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    drifting away from my normal WW1 researching, Im back with the wifes grandfather.
    Laurence James (Jim) Hatt , we want to apply for his records but not sure of his regiment. his paybook gives his number as 5573107 but cant find a regiment. we think he was West Kent but not sure and FWR/FMP does not show him. can anyone confirm or give us any information... thanks
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    As you have already started a post for Laurence it may be better to keep everything together.
    Laurence James Hatt RWK
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