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    Many times in Army life when in a situation which seemed unsolvable - the only thing left was to laugh…and we had many laughs…..

    Case in point - having been shuttled from one Hospital to another looking for a surgeon who did skin grafts - I found myself in Bari

    with NO surgeon who could do skin grafts - so time to laugh……. in the next bed to me was an infantryman with a leg which the

    Doctors seemingly had no idea of what was wrong…so three of them took turns to plunge a 3 inch needle into the back of his knee-

    every day for two weeks !…..which made me jump - but not a flinch from the infantryman .

    eventually a nurse whispered that both he and I were on the next Hospital Ship for the Uk- suppressed laughter was the order of the


    On board ship I asked if he ever felt all those needles 'Every bloody one of them " he replied "but I have to get out of the Army …"

    So first stop Liverpool… hell - an order came in that all wounded should be patched up and rtu'd so 24 of us were thrown offat

    Catania and my friend went on to Liverpool …no laughs but a few tears

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    Cannot remember who said this but it appears very relevant to Toms post


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