Last flight from Stalingrad.

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    Today 23rd January 43 the last German flight into and out of Stalingrad took place.
    On leaving it took some wounded from the unit which had been defending the airfield and from the clearing station on the field.
    The Germans retreated from the base at Stalingradskiy that same evening.
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    I can just imagine what those left behind must have been thinking.

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    You will have access to memoirs from the time. They can be quite chilling, forgive the pun.
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    Reports from The Times

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    Thanks for the post, the paper also shows some other very interesting stories.

    Although off thread it is an idea of what the war was costing the UK taxpayer in cash alone on a per day basis.

    I would not like to equate that to todays prices.

    Daily war Bill 14,000,000 Pounds :(


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