Laser shoots down drone.

Discussion in 'Postwar' started by Owen, Jan 8, 2013.

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  3. Owen

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    Lasers might be better for air-defence in urban areas.
    Remember the fuss over missiles on the flats at the Olympics?
    Lot cleaner & quieter to have a laser up there.
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    Pakistan has it own drones why would they need to shoot them down... in its navy and aiforce ,they even manufature drones fo the US market,
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    I see that attempts to fit a multi barrelled canon around the Laser is being considered.

    Modern weapons and a sign of the things to come?

  6. urqh

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    I was thinking more of the CIA drones infringing Pakistan airspace....Drones are not needed to shoot drones down..They are easy meat to any state that does not want the infringement.
  7. sigcollector

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    I am sure behind closed doors they have agreement , that it is not an infringing Pakistan airspace, otherwise they would shoot them down.

    The irony is the CIA having to use them on a problem they created themselves.
    I guess the laser will have other uses in the future.
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    This would have been useful against pillboxes:


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