Large Metal Ring at Airfield

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  1. ww2ni

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    I was looking around Long Kesh Airfield and noticed this large Ring in the ground.

    Could only see the one. It is to the right of what may have been a Vehicle Inspection Ramp however there is only the one ramp remaining rather than two.

    The ring is about 8 Inches in diameter and considerable larger than those which may be used to secure aircraft wings.

    My photographs show the ring and again with Air Raid Shelters in the Background to give an idea of scale.

    Can anyone identify the purpose for which this may have been used?
    Have these been seen in other Airfields?


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  2. Robert-w

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    Just an informed guess but wasn't there a barrage balloon flight based there?. Might have been an anchor point for training and for testing balloons
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  4. ww2ni

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    Thanks very much folks.

  5. Robert-w

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    A further thought - could that "ramp" have been a buttress against which the winch or winch truck was placed?
  6. ww2ni

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    You have got me thinking. Will have to look through my photographs again. Thanks very much.


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