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    Trux and Temujin,

    I have tracked my father, Major Edward Prisk, to England and the (ETO) as of 6 April 1944, then to the G-3 Section of 1st Army as of4 May 1944, then to 21 Army and Montgomery as of17 May 1944. But I can not find where he embarked from... where he arrived in England... where 1st Army was located in England... where he joined 21 Army and Monty... and the "Hard" where he embarked for the Normandy landing... If you can help I would appreciate it.
    Gary Prisk
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    Let me see what I can find. I thought in the past, we had determined he was the LO for Montgomery with one of the American Corps (can’t remember which one)…..and I thought that he “may” have landed with that Corps instead of with Montgomery, but looking back thru this thread the info you have found seems to point to Sword Beach.

    First, I’ll get you the 1st Army information in England (I did find it before, just have to find it again)

    Do my best

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    Ok, I got lucky, I saved the “Station List” document for the 1st US Army (shows the location of each unit which was part of the 1st US Army

    20 OCTOBER 1943
    1 AUGUST 1944

    It’s quite a lot of pages Gary, I’ll assemble them in to one document and then send a Dropbox link to you by e-mail.

    Have to to you, hopefully, in the next 1/2 hour or so

    EDIT: Done, just about to send you the link
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    OK, now let me see if I can find the G-3 Section info for the First Army during that time period…..just trying to see if I can confirm if he was with them (during Jun 1944) or one of its Corps, or with 21 Army Group

    EDIT: Gary quick question, was in LO for Montgomery with the VI Corps??? I believe that is where he went (If I’m remembering correctly)
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  5. For the embarkation hard see the first sentence in my post #13 above

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    He was one of 8 persomal LO's for Monty. His June reports start with 30 corps and Cherbourg. His July 44 reports start with V Corps then move to VIII Corps.
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    I got it. Thanks
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    I have my father with 21 Army beginning on17 May 44.
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    Roger, I’ll see if I can find anything else in the records available to me on the 21 Army group……I know I’ve gone thru them before and shared some of his LO reports, but it doesn’t hurt to check again
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    Gary, started going thru the 21 Army Group logs again, this time, for some reason I went to the first reel and instead of starting at the first page, and went immediately to the back page (because sometimes the files on the reels have been microfilmed “backwards”)……..and lo and behold, it started on 6 Jun and you move backwards on the reel. I’ll link the reel on the post.

    AND, after going thru a few pages, I spotted info on the LST’s 377, 378 and 379…..and it talks about “some” of the LO’s, and then says “their having trouble getting the LO’s off the ship, due to the weather”. I was hoping to spot something on your father (when he might have left the ship, if he was their, and on which one) but nothing yet.

    Also,, it tells when the C-in-C is expected to disembark. Also info in the location of the 21 Army Gp Tac HQ location

    Below is one of the pages I spotted with interesting info. You may recognize some of the names?


    If you need a clearer copy, let me know, I can e-mail to you

    The link:

    Department of National Defence, Directorate of ... - Héritage

    I’ll looking further to see if I can find anything else
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    Sorry Gary, I’m not sure how you change your e-mail. I’ll send you the documents I found.
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    Go to your account by clicking on your user name, at the top of the page (next to ‘Inbox’), then select contact details. You can then change your email.
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    Do you have any details realating to D-Day Marshalling Areas A11 or A12 where 21 Army Group was headquartered?

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