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    Well done Michel for the Excel file! Very clear.

    I have collected a lot of information on who was on each of the LCI(s) in this loading plan.
    For example, LCI(s) 503 carried 1 Troop 6 Commando. I corresponded for a few years with Peter Masters who was in this Troop. I also met Jack Barker the CO of LCI(s) 503 at a meeting of the LCI(s) Association in 1998 in London.
    There were quite a few other officers from 200, 201 and 202 Flotillas at the reunion. I showed them all the AFPU films of the LCI(s) Flotillas on DDay (Sgt Norman Clague - LCI(s) 521 3 Troop 6 Cdo, Sgt Ian Grant LCI(s) 528 45Rm Cdo C Troop bicycles Capt Rushforth, Lt Peter Handford,(LCI(s) 526, Sgt Ernie Walters (LCI(s) 525 and Sgt Dick Leatherbarrow landing with 48 RM Cdo . After showing the film the LCI(s) officers made a lot of comments which I recorded.

    Through the AFPU association I was put in contact with Sgt George Laws (4 Commando 07h50), Lt Peter Handford Sgt Ernie Walters and Sgt Dick Leatherbarrow. I corresponded with all of them, especially Laws, Walters and Handford. I sent them copies of their D Day film for their comments.

    Which Commando troop was on which LCI(s) is mainly solved but sometimes a troop would be split over 2 LCI(s).
    There is therefore some sorting and confirming to be done.
    However, for Commando Troops it seems very rare to have such complete lists. (I have 3 Troop 6 Commando)

    Les Jordan (Cox'n LCI(s) 530) compiled a list of over 600 officers and men of the LCI(s) , classified by LCI(s).
    This means that for a particular LCI(s) you can have a list of 15 officers and men. I corresponded for about 4 years with Les Jordan.

    I think it would be interesting to attempt to compile an as complete as possible list of the personnel on each LCI(s) on DDay
    Question: Would you like me to (progressively!) post information I have?
    Where would be the best place to post it?
  2. Please can you see if you have LCI (S) 501 /293 ....any names? Or troop etc? I'm still trying to clarify whether my uncle No 3. Chas T Vernon was on this craft?
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    Hi Norm

    I was very interested by the fact that you were in contact with Jack Bartle LCI(s) 535. I corresponded with
    him about ten years ago or more. I wondered if he was still alive.

    Since sending him my chapter on DDay I have continue research and worked as historical adviser
    for D Day as it Happens (2013 Channel 4)

    I would be very pleased to hear from you.

    All the best

    Colin Henderson
  4. Colin.
    Sorry to interrupt your line of discussion. Can I possibly ask do you have ANY information on LCI (s) 501? No 3. Troop 3. I'm after any info no matter how loosely connected. Or any information on Officer of Signals. Skelley, or Section leader Good. ? Or captain johnnie walker of LCI S 501. My uncle Pte Chas Vernon waa no 3. I think troop 3. On this craft.
    Signals info? Warsash info.. photos if No 3 troop 3? LCI S 501 PHOTOS or footage?
    Hope you can help.
  5. Colin..
    Colin. I'm interested in:
    The stills you can extract? From the film. I'm after any footage of 501 lci s. Also the root they took. I know he was north of sword queen red. I'm going over in July for 2 weeks I would love to have the route?
    No 3 troop 3.

    Can you help...?
    QUOTE="ddaycolin, post: 760406, member: 47473"]Hello Suzanne
    Could you first give me your uncle's full name (and rank if possible). I'd be pleased to help if I can. I also met and have several accounts from Commandos who were with 3 Commando and officers and men of LCI(s) s 289, 290, 291, 292, 293. I also have photos and film of these craft embarking and landing on SWORD.
    All the best
    Colin Henderson[/QUOTE]
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    Hello Suzanne

    LCI(s) 501 (293) carried the 3 Commando cycle Troop. 3 Troop.
    They had relatively few casualties on landing. After crossing the marshland behind Sword they broke out of the long queue of Commandos (6Cdo and 45 RM) and cycled to Pegasus and then up to the Ecarde crossroad. There they left their cycles and went up rue Morice to attack Amfreville / Le Plein.

    Is there a particular reason for thinking your uncle might have been on 501?

  7. Yes. I have been given an account that shows 99% certain he was. Do you have footage or photos of 501/293 ? Or of this troop pre or arrival at sword. Any thing would be the greatest gift to my father.
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    I have photos and footage of 3 Troop: embarking at Warsash and also at sea and just before landing on Sword. I worked a lot on the Channel 4 documentary D Day as it Happens (2013) and one of the 7 veterans featuring on the programme was Dixie Dean a member of 3 Cdo 3 Troop. I also knew 4 or 5 members of this troop. This documentary (two 1 hr programmes) can easily be viewed on the Web (youtube). Film footage is probably to send to WW2TALK but I'll check with other members. Photos are easy.
    One very good photo of 512 509 and 535 line up at Warsash with commandos on board. Commandos helped me identify about 12 commandos in this photo. I'll look it out for you and post it to the site. Best Colin
  9. Thank you Colin !
  10. Suzanne,

    Could you please post this account, either in this or in your 1st Special Service Brigade Operation Neptune thread? This might help us help you.

  11. -----------------
    Hello from Me after a couple of years since being on here, life takes over and then there is a lull.
    I have still been plodding y way through bits and pieces and have been to Normandy to look around at the significant places and of course visited my uncles resting place.

    What I am asking is - has there been any more head way ...I am hoping Colin Henderson can help but I cannot find him on this site... on the crew names for the individual LCI's.

    I know he had made a lot of progress and had pains stakingly gone through footage and stills and looked at such detail to develop his work.
    But still trying to find the crew on 293/501 .....

    If there is any one out there or Colin is still on here ...would be very grateful for any more detail or names etc.
    I am off to Southwick D Day event and Warsash in June for my father as we cant face the 75th ann. crowds in Normandy.

  12. Hello again Suzanne,

    May I repeat my request in my last post above that you kindly post the account that shows with 99% certainty that Joe Vernon was on board LCI(S) 501? Some additional hints might be in it which may help us in your quest.

    Thanks in advance,

  13. Hello Michel as I explained I cannot give a lot of info due to the source I obtained it from.

    But I can give you some info that may not compromise my agreement ;

    "Some one" on LCI s 501 mentioned Charlie/Chas dying.
    No other man died on Sword or in that vicinity (buried at Hermanville) with first name Chas/Charlie. So hence I am trying to find names and more info of LCI s 501 - does any one have any further information ? Colin Henderson collated extensive info is he still on here?

    I am having the war records finally examined as I thought he was a Signaller, but I think he just did some courses along the way with the signals.
    What I have said before is that I do not understand why L W Bridger would write to his parents - he knew nothing about his death etc - of which I understand it was a chaotic time! But who was Bridger and who worked under him? working in reverse might help me?
    I am ordering Skelly's private papers from IWM, as he was Signals Officer - to see if Chas was connected to the signals due to his experience?

    I thank you for your replies!
  14. Suzanne,

    Here is what I have on the crew of LCI(S) 501:

    LCI(S) 501

    WALKER C.I. Sub-Lieut. RNVR C.O.
    WILLSHIRE B.R. Sub-Lieut. RNVR 1st Lieut.

    HARDY R.C. Ldg.Seaman Cox'n
    SCHOLES F.R. C.P.O. Motor Mechanic
    BISHOP G.E. A.B. (AA3)
    JARMAN J. A.B.
    JORDAN D.E. A.B. (AA3)
    MOORE T. A.B.
    MUST G. A.B.
    PENDER R.S. A.B.
    TOBIN J. A.B.
    PATON F. A.B. Signalman
    TUCKER E.S. W/Telegraphist
    YEWEN N.B. Wireman
    COPEMAN F.W. Stocker 1
    HUME W.S. Stocker 1

    Source: Leslie Jordan PO Coxswain LCI(S) 530

    Acronyms & Abbreviations:
    C.O. = Commanding Officer
    Ldg. Seaman Cox'n = Leading Seaman Coxswain
    C.P.O. = Chief Petty Officer
    A.B. = Able Seaman

    More precisely, the officers are:
    Charles Inglis WALKER Temporary Sub-Lieutenant Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (seniority 30 Aug 42)
    Basil Reginald WILLSHIRE Temporary Acting Sub-Lieutenant Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (seniority 4 Feb 44)
    Source: The Navy List June 1944

  15. Hello Michel
    Wow thank you. When did you obtain this information ? How many personnel were on the LCI S.
    Could be leads for me there. Do you have contact with any one on lists family?
    Are they on this site or other sites. I am on CVA site. NORMANDY Veterans. I do need to add I have Fibromyalgia which effects my memory and so I can get a little confused with all the information that I collate. So if you have informed me of things before I apologise now.

  16. Hello Suzanne,

    It seems I've had this info for some time, but in paper form only, so I did not find it when doing searches on my PC. I found it only recently when trying to tidy up my papers a bit. So you are not the one with a lapsing memory, I am! :D

    It was given to me by a friend quite a few years ago, but I have had no contact with any of the crew listed.

    I'm sure Colin also has this info, since he has been corresponding with Les Jordan and a number of LCI(S) crew members (see his various posts in this and your 1 SS Bde thread).

  17. Thank you Michel ... So much appreciated .

    I will keep trying .... U never know....s
  18. The normal crew of a LCI(S) was 17 (2 officers and 15 men). The crew list of LCI(S) 501 includes 19 names though...

  19. That's the royal navy list. ?
    On an earlier post I saw Trux had described lci s 293 as carrying 80 men 2 men from 10 commando ?
  20. Clarification 80 men from no 3?

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