Lance Serjeant James Parks - 52nd Regt Reconnaissance Corps

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    I am hoping someone may be able to help with more information relating to the death of Lance Serjeant James Parks on 25/09/44.

    He served with 52nd Regt Reconnaissance Corps, RAC.

    There doesnt appear to be a War Diary for this unit at Kew.

    Any info on him or his Regt gratefully received.

    Many thanks

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    From 52nd Reconnaissance Roll of Honour (posted by Paul Mitchell)

    Lance Serjeant JAMES PARK “Jimmy”
    3189118 – King’s Own Scottish Borderers
    “A” Sqdn
    Who died age 23 on 25 September 1944 KIA
    Son of George Park, and of Margaret E. Park, of Carlisle.
    Born: Dumfriesshire

    :poppy: CWGC Details:
    CWGC - Casualty Details

    NOTE name is PARK not Parks

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    A little bit about 52 Recce here taken from "Only the Enemy in Front" by Richard Doherty :

    As the regiments which had fought in Normandy made their way across France and into Belgium another reconnaissance regiment arrived on the continent. This was 52nd (Lowland) Reconnaissance Regiment, formed in 1941 from the brigade reconnaissance groups of 52nd (Lowland) Division. These Scottish lowlanders were among those recce regiments which pre-emptied the change of nomenclature by adopting cavalry titles in March 1942. Despite the division's Lowland title it was trained in mountain warfare and its reconnaissance regiment had a squadron of Valentine tanks included in its order of battle for a time.
    On 31st August, 52 Recce embarked at Tilbury, divided among four vessels. Disembarkation was complete at Arromanches on 6 September and the regiment set off to cross the Seine at Les Andelys and then drove to Lens on the Belgian border. Alost was the next stop where the 52nd Division came under the command of XXX Corps which was pushing north over the Albert canal and creating a corridor to Nijmegen and Arnhem. In mid-September, 52 Recce moved to Heusden where, for four nights, orders were awaited. There the regiment had its first fatal casualty on active service: the IO, Eric Slatter, was killed by a German patrol while visiting the leading units at Grave. On the night of 20 September the regiment moved out of Heusden to join the stream of units moving north "to the sound of the guns".
    The regiment's first action was to be Operation MARKET GARDEN, the attempt to take the bridges over the lower Rhine, Maas and Waal by combined airborne and ground assaults.
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    Another brief passage in the book

    The enemy fire was heavy; there was incessant shell and mortar fire and the closeness of the country was cleverly used by snipers. The advance went well for about six hundred yards and eventually stopped. It must be remembered that all this time we were without artillery support. For amongst our troops was borne by those under Jerry Leonard and George Hauger. New to the game as they were they did exceptionally well. One NCO, Lance-sergeant Finlayson, worked forward with a Bren until he found a position from which he could fire enfilade on a line of enemy slit trenches. He was wounded in doing so but he must have accounted for twenty of the enemy. His friend Sergeant Park(e)s, was killed when his Dingo had a direct hit.

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    Fantastic - Many thanks
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